PADI Women’s Dive Day in Asia Pacific

24 Aug

Last month divers all over the globe celebrated the second ever annual PADI Women’s Dive Day. On July 16, over 700 PADI Women’s Dive Day events took place in 77 countries. Men, women, boys and girls donned their fins with one goal in mind; to celebrate the contributions that women have made to the sport that we all love.

In Asia Pacific alone, 286 PADI Women’s Dive Day events took place, from the Philippines to Fiji and Indonesia to India. Events ranged from DSD experiences and courses to BBQs and high teas.

Erin, PADI Asia Pacific, states “I hope that through events like PADI Women’s Dive Day we can influence more female’s to meet and fall in love with our underwater world. There is a discrepancy between the numbers of female and male divers globally. This day, hopefully, will help in a small way to close that gap. More divers means more interest, love and care for our oceans. That can never be a bad thing, especially at a time when our oceans desperately need our support”.

One event where the spirit of the day was clearly embodied was at Lumba Lumba Diving Centre in Indonesia, where all the dive centre’s admin staff and hotel housekeeping staff were invited to see what diving is all about by going on a Discover Scuba Dive. Tari, receptionist at Lumba Lumba Diving Centre felt that this day gave her the opportunity to see why tourists flock to Indonesia’s waters; “Seeing divers every day made me very curious about diving. I’m so happy I could see it for myself. So many fish, coral and colours! It was really nice for me and my colleagues to discover some of our country’s treasures. We also laughed a lot. One of my dreams is to become a dive guide.”

1_resized for web

Lumba Lumba Diving Centre, Indonesia

This event was only 1 of 286 in Asia Pacific and 700 world-wide that were held to celebrate women in diving as well as encourage more women to become future divers. We hope all involved in PADI Women’s Dive Day had a fantastic day.

Interested in hosting a PADI Women’s Dive Day event on July 15 2017? It’s easy! Send us an email and we will be able to help you with any questions you may have.

Get in quick! To reserve a PADI Women’s Dive Day marketing pack for 2017 ensure you register your interest early!

Take a look at some of the amazing PADI Women’s Dive Day events that took place this year in Asia Pacific:

Rainbow Divers - Vietnam 1

Rainbow Divers, Vietnam

Udive - Malaysia 4

Udive, Malaysia

Davy Jones' Locker - 2

Davey Jones’ Locker, ThailandPerformance Diver - New Zealand 2

Performance Diver, New Zealand

Affiliation Links for Your Website Now Available in More Languages

23 Aug

Add links to your website and automatically affiliate Touch or eLearning students with your store so you generate revenue around the clock. Use the link below and plug in your store number along with the corresponding course ID.

Affiliation links are now available for Open Water Diver Touch in these additional languages: Spanish, Polish, Korean, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese.

For Touch, Certification Paks and eLearning use:

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Here’s the full list of available affiliation links:


PADI and Seiko to Release PADI Special Edition Diver’s Watches

18 Aug

There’s something special about good solid diver’s watches. They’re functional, durable and good-looking. (They may also be one of diving’s greatest unsung marketing tools; who hasn’t had a diving conversation sparked by a comment about their watch?). And, in an increasingly digital world, quality analog diver’s watches have stood the test of time. For dive professionals, they remain essential symbols of a personal commitment to diving. They are de rigueur for PADI Members the world over.

PADI Members also demand quality and will be keenly interested in PADI’s new partnership with Seiko. Since the launch of their first diver’s watch in 1965, Seiko has become synonymous with quality diver’s watches and a tireless innovator responsible for new technologies and designs for professional and recreational divers alike. These innovations include the world’s first titanium diver’s watch, the first diver’s watch with a ceramic outer case and the world’s first nitrox multi-level diving computer watch. These innovations, and the style and quality of their diver’s watches, has earned Seiko an enviable reputation in the dive industry.

At the core of this partnership is PADI’s and Seiko’s shared passion for diver safety and the marine environment. To launch it, PADI and Seiko will release two PADI Special Edition diver’s watches this autumn.

The first of these, the Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition Kinetic GMT Diver’s SUN065, uses Seiko’s Kinetic technology. The watch’s quartz movement uses a rotor, powered only by body movement, to charge the battery. This watch features a modern version of the legendary two-layer case first seen in 1975 and affectionately nicknamed for it’s superficial resemblance to a can of “Tuna.” The build quality is excellent with clear dial printing, a smooth bezel and a solid crown.

The second watch, the Seiko Prospex PADI Special Edition Automatic Diver’s SRPA21, pays homage to a true classic: the 1970’s Seiko 150m mechanical diver’s watch. Its unique case and dial design led divers to nickname this model the “Turtle.” The watch features Seiko’s trademark easy-to-read, wide, clear hands. It’s a clean and simple diver’s watch.

Both special edition models gracefully feature PADI’s characteristic red and blue color palette on the dials and the bezels, and the PADI logo on the dials. Either watch will make a functional and stylish accessory for PADI Pros.

For more information about these watches, please visit the Seiko Store Finder to contact a dealer.

The Phi Phi Island Coral Nursery

17 Aug

Coral NurseryTen years ago, the Adventure Club in the beautiful Phi Phi Islands installed a floating coral nursery to cultivate coral fragments – a way of preserving the coral reefs surround the islands.

The nursery is suspended above the substrate allowing the coral fragments to grow with reduced threats from corallivores – parrotfish, crown of thorns, drupella
snails etc.

For too long, the problems facing the world’s coral reefs have been ignored and the coral nursery aims to highlight the issue and educate people around the world.

coral nursery 3

Each year, a special workshop on coral rehabilitation is held, during which university students visiting the coral nursery replant the corals grown the previous year. The group of students will then restock the nursery for another year of growth.

The workshop educates students about the delicate marine ecosystems – the important roles of organism within them and the impacts that can affect them.

Each month, volunteers come together to perform the required maintenance on the nursery. Armed with toothbrushes and scrapers, divers ensure corals are not smothered by algae during this critical growth period.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Phi Phi island coral nursery and there is much to celebrate – although the world’s corals were subjected to another global coral bleaching event, this year studies show that the impact was not as bad as originally expected and survival rates of corals in the nursery are at 85%!

Coral Nursery 2

For more information, please visit the Phi Phi Island Coral Nursery Facebook Page or click here.

PADI ® Women’s Dive Day at Trawangan Dive

11 Aug

Trawangan Dive WDD

On Saturday 16th July, male and female divers around the world gathered to celebrate PADI Women’s Dive Day, an international event celebrating female divers, as well as encouraging more women to explore our underwater world. Joining in the celebrations was Trawangan Dive who took the opportunity to also make a difference to the environment by hosting a Dive Against Debris.

Gili Trawangan reefs are some of the best in the world.  They are home to a growing shark population, as well as thousands of species of tropical fish.  However, due to poor waste management and lack of education in the surrounding islands about the importance of our marine environment, pollution and plastic are a big problem.

For this reason, Trawangan Dive regularly hosts Dives Against Debris, during which divers are equipped with protective gloves and mesh debris bags and collect as much non-organic waste as possible.

Trawangan Dive’s PADI Women’s Dive Day Dive Against Debris was a great success. Divers and non-divers alike united to celebrate female divers and help clear rubbish from the ocean. The celebrations then continued into the evening with a BBQ, food and drinks at the beach side restaurant.

Trawangan Dive would like to take the opportunity to thank our wonderful female divers, students, instructors and guests – not only those who joined us for PADI Women’s Dive Day, but those who dive with us and help protect the ocean planet every day of the year.

For more information about Trawangan Dive and the Reef Restoration Program, please visit their website.

For more photos from PADI Women’s Dive Day, visit the Photo Album on Facebook.

Industry Icons Announced as PADI AmbassaDivers

10 Aug

PADI is honoured to announce two industry icons as PADI AmbassaDivers.

Clement Lee is a diving icon from Malaysia and Rachan Malaiwongs is a diving icon from Thailand. Both Rachan and Clement have been long established positive voices from their respective communities, strong advocates of PADI as well as championing many environmental initiatives in the region.

Rachan Malaiwongs

Rachan Malaiwongs became a PADI Instructor in 1994 and in 1999 became the first Thai PADI Course Director. After graduating from college in Chiang Mai, Malaiwongs moved to Koh Samui where he had the honor of meeting the late Ceasare Benelli, credited with exploring and naming many dive sites in Koh Tao. Benelli became his mentor and teacher, and through their relationship, Malaiwongs earned his PADI Divemaster certification before moving on to take his PADI Instructor Development Course and work at various dive operations on Koh Samui and Koh Tao and helped shape the diving industry in Thailand.

Rachan is credited with training many of the Thai PADI Instructors and acting as a mentor to these new PADI Professionals. Malaiwongs continues to cultivate a strong community among the PADI Instructors he has trained including in the growing diving hub of Bangkok. He has been an unofficial PADI ambassador for many years including assisting with initiatives to help grow diving.

Rachan said “I’m proud of what I’ve achieved today, training hundreds and hundreds of Thai diving instructors who have helped make Thailand one of the biggest diving hubs in the world.”

Rachan has received numerous PADI awards over the years including for his outstanding contribution to the diving industry.

Clement Lee


Clement Lee became a PADI Instructor in 1985 and in 1991 was one of the first of two Malaysians to become a PADI Course Director. Having extensive diving experience in Sabah’s waters, Clement was one of the pioneers to introduce professionalism in recreational diving, as well as dive resort management in Sipadan. As a Tourism Board Dive Committee member for Sabah, he has also worked tirelessly to promote the dive tourism industry there. Actively promoting conservation and environmental initiatives including Project AWARE, Clement has been the recipient of numerous PADI awards over the years as well as receiving the DEMA Reaching Out Award in 2008 in the USA and was inducted into the International Scuba Diver Hall of Fame in 2011 in the Cayman Islands.

In 2015, Clement was appointed to the prestigious role of Tourism Advisor of Malaysia to represent and help promote the diving.

Tourism Malaysia described Clement Lee as, “the embodiment of the entrepreneurial dive industry pioneer, a staunch conservationist with unrelenting views on the importance of protecting and conserving the region’s unique marine attractions. Clement has had a profound influence on the growth and development of recreational diving and dive tourism in this part of the world.”

The aim of the PADI AmbassaDiver program is to help inspire others to start diving, keep diving or teach diving. This program aims to help grow the pool of divers, ocean advocates and explorers in the region and across the globe. Rachan and Clement truly epitomize the meaning of being a PADI AmbassaDiver.

PADI is honoured to welcome Clement Lee & Rachan Malaiwongs as PADI AmbassaDivers.



Introducing the New PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Program

9 Aug

The revised PADI Advanced Open Water Diver program launches in the coming months, and while the changes are significant, the essence of the course remains untouched. Think of it as a shiny new car, but one that’s the same model as your old familiar vehicle. Three goals drove the revision.


First, PADI updated the content. Dive equipment and techniques have changed since the release of the last version of the course and content is updated to reflect this. Now, for example, there are references to electronic compasses in navigation and no references to film in digital underwater imaging. Also, the first dive
 of all standardized PADI Specialty Diver courses, Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris™ and Shark Conservation Specialty courses and the PADI Rebreather Diver course credit as Adventure Dives. This means more dive opportunities no matter what or where you’re teaching.


Second, PADI modernized the instructional products. The instructional tools are now as state-of-the-art as the devices student divers access them from. While a paper manual will still be available, the revised program introduces a new, mobile-friendly PADI Advanced Open Water Diver digital product. All new images and video make these instructional products pop.

Third, PADI accelerated development of the thinking skills divers acquire through experience to build confident and conservative divers. There’s a new Thinking Like a Diver section that focuses on principles such as gas management, situational awareness and buddy communication. This encourages divers to think about what they’re doing before, during and after every Adventure Dive in the same way more experienced divers do. Consequently, they better understand how to improve their dives and manage risks.

There’s a lot that didn’t change, too. Philosophically, the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course still gives new (and experienced) PADI Open Water Divers the world over continued training and skill development under professional guidance. It’s still focused on introducing specialty diving. The Deep and Underwater Navigation Adventure Dives, plus three other Adventure Dives, are still required for Advanced Open Water Diver certification, and any three Adventure Dives qualify a diver for Adventure Diver.

The revised PADI Advanced Open Water Diver improves on an already great program, is easy and familiar to teach, and offers even more of the exploration, excitement and experiences that divers look for. Take a look at the third quarter 2016 The Undersea Journal, which has several relevant and detailed articles, and make a point of implementing the new program as soon as the materials are available.


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