Ocean Action Project – Finalist 2

Over the next five days we will be featuring the five finalists from South East Asia. You can only vote once so make sure you check out all the finalists before voting! All entries: https://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/224907/voteable_entries 

The second featured finalist from our region is the entry: The Semporna Shark Sanctuary, Malaysia.

Scuba Junkie, PADI 5 Star Dive Centre, Malaysia


What’s the Ocean Action about? Shark populations are decreasing worldwide due to demand for fins and other products and as bycatch to the commercial fishing trade. Sabah and Semporna are still home to many species of shark and ray from the now globally endangered scalloped hammerhead to eagle rays, devil and manta rays and whale sharks. However, with increased human populations, little protection and the rising price of their much sort after fins for the delicacy, sharks fin soup, these populations are under threat. The Semporna Shark Sanctuary (SSS) aims to protect around 8000km2 of reef, open ocean and vital mangrove areas. The project will gain community awareness and understanding from presentations and workshops. Leading up to each community workshop, school presentations will be delivered on the importance of sharks, shark conservation in Sabah and the SSS.

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