Ocean Action Project – Finalist 3

Over the next five days we will be featuring the five finalists from South East Asia. You can only vote once so make sure you check out all the finalists before voting! All entries: https://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/224907/voteable_entries 

The third featured finalist from our region is the entry: Project Momentum: Protecting Mantas, Tiger & Bull Sharks, Indonesia

Gili Eco Trust, Indonesia


What’s the Ocean Action about? Sharks and manta rays continue to be fished as the demand for shark fins and manta ray gills is rapidly escalating. Focusing on one of the primary shark/manta fish markets in Indonesia: Tanjung Luar, Lombok, data will be collected on the number of catches of all species of sharks and rays caught, but specifically bull and tiger sharks and giant and reef manta rays (all unprotected keystone species). An assessment of fishermen’s earnings, where they fish, and their methods along with the economic network that extends from catch to consumer will be conducted. Through community presentations and workshops, locals and fishing villages will shift their focus away from shark/manta fishing towards more sustainable practices to benefit the entire community. Finally a comprehensive report will be delivered to Indonesian and regional governments.

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