Ocean Action Project – Finalist 5

Over the last five days we have featured the five finalists from South East Asia. You can only vote once so make sure you check out all the finalists before voting! All entries: https://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/224907/voteable_entries 

The fifth featured finalist from our region is the entry: Clean up Lembongan and Protect our Mantas, Indonesia.

Sarah Wormald, PADI Instructor at World Diving Lembongan


What’s the Ocean Action about? The community on the small island of Lembongan struggle with the amount of waste discarded by tourists and the local community, much of this rubbish ends up at the tip, on the beach or in the ocean. This project aims to reduce the amount of plastic bottles being used and encourage/facilitate better plastic waste disposal by setting up water refill stations and proper waste bins to separate plastic, glass and tin. The separate materials will be sent for recycling to help prevent it from being dropped on the beach or in the ocean. The project also aims to provide snorkeling and diving boats with signage in English and Indonesian about manta protection and marine debris. The combined effect of the two projects will reduce plastic in the water and protect the mantas from further propeller injuries, manta riders, manta chasing and plastic digestion


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