PADI’s first female instructor from Barhrain.

PADI Asia Pacific would like to share a fantastic story!

PADI Instructor Miss Reema Afeeri -297712, became the very first female PADI instructor to be certified from Bahrain! She was certified in Phuket, Thailand at PADI CDC Sea Fun Divers. Below she shared her story with PADI Regional Manager Tony Andrews.

PADI asked Miss. Reema why she chose PADI, along with finding out her diving history.

1. When you did you start diving and why
I started diving in 2006. Since I was a kid, my father always involved us in sea activities, sea was the main entertainment for us, and so I developed the passion for the underwater world

2. Where did you learn
I first started diving in Australia, where I got my PADI Open Water License. And then continued my diving education back home in Bahrain.

3. Why Choose PADI
After a careful review of all diving organizations, I chose PADI because to me it was the most professional and that I noticed that its diving courses are will designed to meet recreational diving. It made diving look interesting and simple.

4. Why Choose Thailand, Phuket
I have heard a lot about diving in Thailand and how great it is and my fellow divers back home have recommended it for me strongly.

5. Why did you become a PADI Divemaster
I didn’t want to stop at being a PADI Rescue Diver only, and my parents, husband along with my instructor/mentor “Salman Busherhri” encouraged me to progress further, and helped me reach where I am today.

6. Why Did you become a PADI Pro
Diving is so much fun and life changing experience, I want to be able to spread the knowledge and enable people to see the underwater world, appreciate it, and enjoy it.

7. What Was your favorite PADI Course
The PADI Open Water Course, the thrill of taking the first breath underwater is just priceless

8. Will you Teach PADI Courses in Bahrain
Yes, I’m looking forward to enabling more Bahraini women in the first place and men to dive

9. What is your main goal in diving
To learn more about the underwater world, and appreciate the aquatic life.

10. Anything to say about your Course Director.
PADI Course Director Bent, is an amazing CD, I don’t think it would have been the same if it wasn’t for him, he made the course so interesting, fun and yet serious all at the same time, he has really trained us to be the best there is. A big Thanks goes to him.

PADI would like to congratulate both PADI Course Director Bent Posejpal and Miss Reema! Great Work guys.

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