Position Vacant – PADI Regional Manager

Job Title: Regional Manager (Indonesia & East Timor)

We are seeking a Regional Manager (Indonesia & East Timor) to join our PADI Asia Pacific team. In this role you will be responsible for providing localised support to PADI Members. You must possess a thorough understanding of PADI’s products and services whilst meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Further information and the job description can be found on the PADI Pros’ Site under the ‘Employment’ section. 

Applications closing date: Friday, 8th March 2013

To apply:
Please send your CV to:
Alison Vasek
Manager, Human Resources
PADI Asia Pacific


Changes in PADI Region 29 (Indonesia and East Timor)

PADI is pleased to announce that Emma Hewitt, Regional Manager for Region 29 (Indonesia & East Timor), has now been promoted to Manager, Sales at PADI Asia Pacific. Emma joined PADI Asia Pacific at the beginning of 2012, after several years of teaching and managing at dive centres within the Asia Pacific region.

PADI aims to minimise any potential disruption for members in Indonesia and East Timor. With that in mind, PADI is now looking for a new Regional Manager for the region to take over from Emma before she commences her new position at the PADI Asia Pacific office in Sydney. Further information about the role can be found on the PADI Pros’ Site; www.padi.com/mypadi under the ‘Employment’ section.

Project AWARE: #CITES4SHARKS: Questions Answered

This article is courtesy of Project AWARE.

The buzz is building. The meeting of the member countries to CITES this CITES21.2.133-14 March is just days away. As we sprint toward the main event, where officials will consider 70 proposals to protect species, including commercially valuable oceanic whitetip sharks, hammerheads, porbeagles sharks, manta rays and freshwater sawfish – we know we’re up for some tough battles ahead.

This week, we asked Ania Budziak, Associate Director of Science and Policy and Project AWARE staffer on the front lines of our program work, to answer some top CITES-related questions.

Q: Why should we be concerned about international trade in plant and animal products?

A: We live in a world where we buy and sell virtually everything from everywhere. Wild plants and animals are no exception and their trade is valued at billions a year. We ship exotic woods from the Amazon to Hamburg, Germany, where I live. Porbeagle shark fins and meat make their way to tables in Europe, China and elsewhere. When international trade threatens a species’ survival, as it is in the case of CITES listed species, it must be monitored and controlled.

Q: How will protections under CITES make a difference for sharks and rays?

A: Most shark and ray fishing and trade is either insufficiently controlled or completely unregulated. Healthy shark and ray populations support tourism, which in some coastal communities, territories and states around the world, underpins entire economies and its benefits are yet to be fully realized.  So CITES action is key, not only to keeping shark populations healthy, but also to long-term economic benefits that can be drawn from these populations.

Q: Why do the voices of divers matter in difficult, political battles like this one?

A: We’re an important stakeholder group whose consolidated voice has not been heard at this level of decision-making before. As a global, economically significant group, scuba divers are in a unique position to highlight the value of keeping sharks and rays populations healthy. I am privileged to be able to represent the scuba diver voice and I’m very hopeful that the upcoming meeting will bring about much needed protections for some of the most vulnerable sharks and rays.

How can you help? Sign the shark petition. Already signed? Send a letter direct to CITES leaders asking them to vote “Yes” for sharks and rays this March. We won’t have another chance at this for few years. And sharks can’t afford to wait.

Thank you to all PADI Members and Dive Centres who support Project AWARE. Please look out for more alerts from Project AWARE on how you can get involved. 

Download the 2013 PADI Instructor Manual

The 2013 PADI Instructor manual is now available as a free download for renewed PADI Professionals.

After logging in to the PADI Pro’s Site, click on Training Essentials from the main menu then choose Digital Instructor Manual.

2013 PADI Instructor Manual 2

On the next screen you’ll see several language options. Click the language you wish to download and save the PDF to your computer or other device. Below the language list is an (English only) option to download a summary of the changes from the 2012 to 2013 PADI Instructor Manual.

2013 PADI Instructor Manual

Teaching an IDC? Be sure candidates download a copy of the new manual and continue to update it with subsequent training bulletins. The Systems, Standards and Procedures Exam at the IE are updated regularly to reflect the most current standards. This is also an excellent way of instilling the good habit of referencing the latest materials before teaching any PADI programs.

EFR Instructor Trainer Courses

PADI Asia Pacific’s Instructor Development team would like to inform you of EFR Instructor Trainer programs to be conducted in the Asia Pacific region in 2013.

EFR Instructor Trainer Course

Demand continues to grow for EFR Instructors, particularly with the OWSI exit requirement. This program is conducted using a mix of online study and practical sessions. Upon registration you will receive information on how to access the online portion of the program which must be completed prior to attending the practical skills training and assessment portion of the program.

To attend the standard EFR Instructor Trainer Course you must:

  • Be a current EFR Primary & Secondary Care and Care for Children Instructor.
  • Have issued 25 EFR Course Completion Authorisations or taught at least 5 separate EFR courses.
  • Have no verified quality assurance issues on file within the past 12 months.

To attend one of these programs, please select a registration button below to be taken to our online registration page. Once the course pre-requisites have been checked and met, we will send you a link to EFR IT Online.

Any members considering applying for the 2013 Punta Cana CDTC should consider the programs below as they all fall before the application cut-off (25 March).

EFR Instructor Trainer – Pattaya – 28 February, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Bali – 04 March, 2013.
EFR First Aid At Work (FAW) Instructor Trainer Program – Sydney – 11 March, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Kota Kinabalu – 15 March, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Cebu – 24 March, 2013.

 Any members considering applying for the 2014 Kota Kinabalu CDTC should consider these programs as they all fall before the application cut-off (01 December).

EFR Instructor Trainer – Phuket – 05 September, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Kota Kinabalu 2 – 14 September, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Puerto Galera – 30 September, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Auckland – 07 October, 2013.
EFR Instructor Trainer – Bali 2 – 07 October, 2013.

We look forward to seeing you at an EFR IT program soon.

ScubaEarth ‘How To Videos’

ScubaEarth ‘How To Videos’ are now available on the PADI Pros youtube channel.

The short 1-2 minute videos show step by step how to set up your profile, promote staff, add manufacturers to your gear locker and more.

Stayed tuned for more videos coming soon.

Hidden Depths Diving Achieve PADI 5 Star Rating

Camera 14MP-9PC
On the small paradise island of Koh Lanta, South of Thailand, lies a small family-operated PADI Dive Centre “Hidden Depths Diving” http://www.hiddendepthsdiving.com/koh-lanta/

Camera 14MP-9PC

Hidden Depths first became a PADI PRRA member in 2011, when their small business venture sparked into life thanks to the four main owners, who are all diving enthusiasts and wanted to open their own business concentrating on great customer service with value for money, Professional PADI courses http://www.hiddendepthsdiving.com/dive-courses/open-water-dive, but most importantly, offering that perfect family feeling, knowing that when the diving is over, the fun and friendship still continues.

Over the past 18 months Hidden Depths Diving have been working towards achieving one of their main goals, which was to become a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre. This rating is only awarded to PADI centres who have met all of the PADI 5 Star  prerequisites and continue to show a great safety record.

This efficiently run PADI 5 Star centre, is now home to more than 5 PADI Instructors including two of the owners Rich and Gary

Michelle Morgan –  PADI Instructor
Cynthia Oulette – Instructor
Gary Eldridge – Owner Instructor
Rich Mean – Owner Instructor
Steffan Schlenk – Instructor

Along 4 well-trained Thai boat crew to help with the days adventure http://www.hiddendepthsdiving.com/about-us/speedboat/
Bao – Boat Captain (small chappie)
Did – Boat Engineer



You are always warmly welcomed by Jo and Ali who mange the day-to-day business of this successful PADI 5 Star Centre. Without them, the daily routine of idyllic diving, and well organised boat trips with certainly fall short. You can contact them anytime of day info.hiddendepths@gmail.com

PADI and PADI Regional Manager Tony Andrews, would like to send a huge congratulations to Hidden Depths for achieving the rating of 5 Star Dive Centre.

If you would like to know more about diving in Thailand, please contact tony.andrews@padi.com.au