Social Medias in the Dive Industry


We are these days being surrounded by many Social Media platforms and ScubaEarth is the latest.

It’s not always that easy to know what Social Media is more important and where to spend the time on them the best. Well, don’t despair – there is help to get.

Dive operators are experiencing increased demands/pressure to use these Social Medias and why is that?

First we need to look at the facts. The consumers are using these Social Medias more and more and for us to communicating with them effectively, we need to use the same Medias. If we don’t use them, then the message might be lost and who wants that? So, we have already established that Social Medias are really important. Social Medias are being widely used, because they are fun and entertaining. Websites are more factual and being widely used for specific information. Given this, it’s not hard to see why consumers have Social Medias as their favourite.

But there are so many and which one is more important to use? Below are various tips to make the choice easier.

Especially the younger generation X and Y are extremely happy with Social Medias and not so much websites these days. Many of them don’t even like to have a traditional email account. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are probably the most popular ones in the western world. Websites are definitely still very useful, but they have taken a very different role over the last few years. When Social Medias like Twitter and Facebook were new, they needed support from websites go get going and we all added Twitter and Facebook icons to our websites. We still do that but for very different reasons – not because the Social Medias needs any support. Now, everything is turned around and websites need support from Social Medias and this is where the Blog is getting into the picture as well. Blogs needs to be hosted on websites and need to be connected to Social Medias, such as YouTube, Twitter and facebook.

Did you know that you can automatically share a Facebook posting on Twitter for example?

PADI did a posting about this topic a few days ago. By sharing a facebook post with Twitter, you only need to post in one place, but get the double effect. There is no need to make things complicated when they can be done simple.

Did you know that by blogging more and share the content on for example Facebook and Twitter, then you aim even more for simplicity and your website gets more support?

Giving you website more support also increases the probability that your website will get a higher SEO ranking and for no money at all. As mentioned above – hosting the Blog on your website is a must. Blogs are already extremely popular amongst the consumers, so your time is well spend by using them.

How do we get time in our dive shop to do all this work with Social Medias and websites?

We also have to do boat overhauling, compressor maintenance, fixing up the shop and many other important tasks in a dive shop. Well, it comes down to priorities and probably also “the chicken and egg” situation. If we don’t get the customers into the business, how many important things are there left to do? Sometimes it might pay off to hire someone for these Social Media tasks, just like we hire a captain to run our boat.

ScubaEarth is here and now we have to deal with one more Social Media platform.

Well, it’s true but there are benefits. ScubaEarth is not only a way to target new customer, but also an easy way to keep in touch with the existing customer base. The difference between ScubaEarth and other Social Medias is that we are dealing with consumers that are divers already. Interest in diving doesn’t need to be created, like when we are trying to reach out to new customers through the Social Medias we already know. The users of ScubaEarth already have the passion and fire. All we need to do is to keep it going and increasing it.

How and where can we learn about all this?

This is where PADI comes into the picture, if any assistance is needed to utilize the above mentioned opportunities. Your first choice will obviously be to sign up for the PADI Business Academy, where all the above mentioned topics will be covered to increase your business. Ask any of your peers who have participated already, if it’s worth your time and efforts. This unique Diving seminar is by far the most successful seen ever anywhere in the diving industry. This is not what PADI says, but the members.Your next choice is to contact the PADI regional Manager in your area for assistance. The demand for this service is already quite high, but if you have attended the PADI Business Academy, you will automatically get first priority in receiving this service.

Thanks for taking the time reading this article and if you found just one new useful piece of information here, then mission is accomplished.

 Jimmy Christrup

PADI Regional Manager, Region 25

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