5 Star Diving In India, On Board The First Ever Registered 5 Star Indian Liveaboard

Mv Infiniti

Breaking news! It’s just been confirmed to PADI Asia Pacific that India has their first fully registered Liveaboard diving vessel. Last week during the PADI Dive Industry Update meeting in Chennai, the owners of this stunning Vessel announced to PADI that this vessel will now be diving some of the untouched waters surrounding India, including the famous Neil Islands, and the stunning Lakshadweep islands.

MV Infiniti is India’s first Liveaboard. Specially constructed in Thailand, for the purpose of 5 Star Liveaboard diving, in India’s remote Andaman & Lakshadweep islands; this brand new beautiful vessel has added another dimension to diving in India.

The Infiniti is built to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Combining size, strength and luxury along with a crew specializing in diving hospitality. Diving around the Andaman Islands, one of the last unexplored diving frontiers in the world, in a luxury Liveaboard is an experience no diver should miss! NEIL ISLAND has plenty of marine life; its breathtaking view of sea and the lusting greeneries in the island is really rejuvenating and enjoyable for enthusiastic diver on a Liveaboard cruise!

For more information on these unique trips, please contact Anees at info@orcadiveclub.in or visit PADI.com

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