Diver Medical Responder – PADI Distinctive Specialty

PADI now recognizes and congratulates Emergency Medical Services International in Thailand for their efforts in creating a new PADI Distinctive Specialty – Diver Medical Responder (DMR). This 10-day programme provides the essential knowledge and skills to confidently provide immediate care to casualties, particularly in the event there is either delayed, unskilled or non-existent emergency ambulance service available. “As divers venture further and further off the beaten track, it is vital that they understand how to deal with all kinds of emergencies”.

The course covers the following topics:

island evac scenario
evacuation scenario
  • The physiology and physics of diving
  • Decompression illness and barotraumas
  • Hazardous marine life injuries and treatments
  • How to perform the neurological assessment
  • VHF radio communication procedures
  • Evacuation methods
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Scene safety and mechanism of injury
  • Airway management
  • CPR and defibrillation
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Breathing assessment and support
  • Needle thoracocentesis (chest decompression)
  • Bleeding and haemorrhage control
  • Management of burns
  • Extremity trauma management
  • Basic head injury management
  • Management of medical emergencies
  • Road traffic collision management

As all of us in the industry strive to maintain our high levels of diver safety and quality first response training, we applaud EMS International for their efforts in developing this one of a kind programme. The PADI DMR developed in conjunction with Exmed UK Limited, also provides candidates with the Edexcel BTEC/IHCD level 2 award. For more information visit www.emsinternational.org

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