Engage Your Divers with ScubaEarth Featured Destinations

ScubaEarthSquare300x300Tap into the travel industry and engage your divers in a whole new way with ScubaEarth Featured Destinations.

Each week ScubaEarth features one destination from around the globe to showcase the incredible diving on offer across the planet. Do you have a dive trip planned to one of these areas or is your dive shop based in one of October’s Featured Destinations? Make the most of this great exposure and utilise ScubaEarth as a platform to promote your upcoming trips and travel offers.

Where to start?

  1. Your Announcement Board
    Post you upcoming trips – overseas or day trips – on your Dive Shops Announcement Board. Keeping your dive crew up to date with your latest dive travel information means more opportunity to increase your travel bookings as well as the opportunity to spread the word about your next underwater escape. Don’t forget that any diver who has chosen your shop as their primary dive centre will automatically see your last three announcements on every page on ScubaEarth.
  2. Share ScubaEarth’s Featured Destinations with your network
    People get excited about travel. Divers get even more excited about dive travel.  Each ScubaEarth Featured Destination provides an overview of what to expect above and below the surface as well as information about marine life found in the area, must see dive sites and basic travel information. Why not share snippets of this on your other social media platforms to help engage your divers and get them excited for their next dive adventure with you?
  3. Log your dives whilst away on your trip
    Every dive you log on ScubaEarth can be directly linked to your dive shop profile and will have your dive shop logo displayed next to the logged entry. What does this mean when you log a dive from one of your overseas trips? When a diver comes to view this dive site on ScubaEarth and looks at the ‘logged dives’ section, they will see your dive shop name next to a list of logged dives, leading them back to your shop profile. This ultimately will attract new divers to your store from a range of different locations.

Head to ScubaEarth and spread the word about your next dive trip!

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