Stay active on ScubaEarth with Email Notifications

ScubaEarth now delivers straight to your inbox!

You no longer have to be logged onto ScubaEarth to receive the latest updates from your dive buddies. ScubaEarth email notifications let you know when divers interact with you on the site, fast tracking the reply process and increasing engagement. Capture customer enquiries when they happen and transform potential customers into regulars.

What types of notifications will you receive?

  • Pending Dive Crew Requests
  • Pending Private Messages
  • Like or Comments Received
  • When you are Tagged in Media or Logged Dives
  • Community Updates

Managing these notifications is easy too. ScubaEarth allows you to specify the frequency that you receive these updates. Only want to receive reminders once a week? No problems, simply go to the ‘Edit Profile’ section, scroll down to the ‘Notifications’ tab and set your preferences.

email scuba

Email notifications not only means that you are kept up to date on customer queries, but also that your dive buddies are informed regularly of your activity on ScubaEarth! All divers will receive an alert when their Primary Dive Shop updates their Announcement Board, providing yet another avenue for you to keep in touch with your divers.

Keep active on ScubaEarth so you can connect with your existing and potential customers by logging in today.

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