Linking your Twitter to Facebook

In this article we take a quick look at how you can make life easier for yourself. Reluctant Twitter using Dive Centres often worry about having to generate content for their Facebook page and for Twitter. Posting to both takes up more time then posting to one. Linking your Facebook page to your Twitter account is a simple process that means you only have to post once.

That’s right, once you have your two accounts linked, every time you post to your Facebook page it automatically gets Tweeted. One update, one lot of work and its posted on two networks. Simple and time saving. Here’s how:

1. Open your browser of choice, log into Facebook and in another tab log into Twitter.

2. While logged in to Facebook go to this URL

3. You will now have a screen which shows your personal Facebook profile first and then a list of your pages under the heading “Link your pages to twitter”

Link facebook to twitter

 Click on the grey Link to Twitter button on the right of the screen.

4. Next you will have the Twitter Authorisation screen:


Here you need to check that you are connecting to the right Twitter account. This is displayed in the top right of the screen. Once you are happy to authorise, then click the blue button. If you didn’t logon to Twitter in step 1 then now you will be asked to logon to your twitter account as part of the authorisation screen.

5. Congratulations your Facebook Page is now linked to you Twitter account. One final step is to select which types of Facebook update you wish to post.

Linked to twitter

You can return back to at anytime to change these settings or unlink the accounts.

Finally you post on twitter will look a bit like this with a short link to your Facebook page and the first part of the text from the post.

Facebook post on twitter

We hope you found this a simple and useful tool to help you with your social media.

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