Going the Distance to Save the Apex Predators

This week ultra swimmer Gene Girardeau was interviewed live on Korean Radio about her epic swim challenge and the danger sharks face. Gene talks about her passion for swimming and her drive to protect sharks and bring awareness to their plight.

After great success and support during Master Divers 23km relay Finathon in 2013, this year they’ve upped the ante and Gene will complete a 43km open water solo swim between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao! Gene is training every day and all donations will boost her motivation and help protect sharks.

Gene said “I love a challenge and I love open water swimming, my dream was to swim the English Channel but I don’t swim well in cold water so have chosen to swim between Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao. It’s very important to save sharks because they are the apex predators, sharks maintain fish populations and keep the ocean healthy.”

“The thing that scares me most is the jellyfish” added Gene whose Master Divers support crew will kayak  alongside to keep her on track and hydrated.

Starting at 2am on the calmest day in a 3 week May/June window, it’s anticipated that the swim will take around 16 hours. During this time Gene will have to support herself in the water. She will not be allowed to touch the boat or any flotation device.

Did you know, this swim has never been attempted before!

  • The English Channel is 36 km
  • A standard marathon is 42 km
  • The distance around Koh Tao is 23 km
  • Master Divers Finathon 2014 is 43km

If you are interested in sponsoring the swim or making a donation, you can emailor make a gift donation at www.finathon.org/masterdivers.

You can view the original article on the Project AWARE website.

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