ScubaEarth® Extras Now Available

scubaearthScubaEarth is proud to announce the launch of ScubaEarth Extras. As PADI Members these new features are now available to you and include:

Unlimited PADI eCard Access
As an added benefit for PADI Professionals, ScubaEarth Extras now allows you to display all your PADI Certifications via the PADI App. If you already have existing PADI eCards simply update your App and sign back in to have all your PADI eCards display.

Critter Finder
In addition to detailed information on a huge range of marine species, you can now see a range of tagged photos and find out where to spot your favorite critters! The Critter Finder is a great tool to attract more business. Have your staff tag any critters spotted on their dives, or captured in their dive photos or videos. This will ensure that when ScubaEarth users are searching for a particular animal in Critter Finder, your tagged images, videos and dives appear, allowing users to identify that when diving with your dive shop they are likely to spot their favorite animals. This might encourage them to join your ScubaEarth Dive Crew and even join your shop for a dive.

Personalised Dive Dashboard
Manage your favorite ScubaEarth components, like dive sites, dive buddies, marine species and featured destinations, with these interactive slates. It is now easier and quicker to track the diving activity at your local dive site. Keen to try and spot some dolphins? Then track these using the marine species slate and you can find out where they were last spotted. Customise the interactive slates by simply dropping and dragging them to your liking.

Log in to ScubaEarth today to access the NEW ScubaEarth Extras! For PADI Professionals this now includes free access to all your PADI eCards.

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