Target your Customers with the EVE Agent

EveLogoWhen customers sign up for your PADI Open Water Diver programs, what happens next? That might seem a silly question but take a moment to think about it. Ask yourself, what would an ideal scenario look like from your perspective for a diver going through their Open Water class with you? Would those customers:

  • Know all the dates, times and locations of their training
  • Know what to read and watch and when to do it
  • Buy, at the minimum, the personal items of dive equipment such as mask, fins, snorkel and boots
  • Become members of your dive club or the PADI Diving Society
  • Be booked on to your next dive trip the weekend after certification
  • Be signing up for the next PADI Advanced Open Water class you’re running

In short, would you like to see these customers welcomed fully into the world of diving, invited to become a real part of your store and encouraged to see diving as a genuine new lifestyle choice?

If so, then EVE can make that happen for you. Think of your natural points of contact with a customer for a moment and you’ll soon see the opportunities you have to make the right contact in the right way at the right time.

  • Thanks for booking
  • Your course starts next week
  • You should be watching this, reading that
  • Come in and get sized up for equipment
  • You’ve learned about the importance of having your own gear, so here’s the info on selecting it
  • Congratulations on completing the academics… we’re off to the pool
  • Pool dives completed… skills mastered…now for open water
  • Want to use your own computer on your open water dives next week? Here’s how…
  • Congratulations on becoming a PADI Open Water diver
  • Come to the next dive club meeting
  • Our next boat or local dive is coming up
  • Take your diving further on the next course
  • Your PADI certification card is here for you

Your 24-7 employee, the EVE Agent can do the leg work for you.

You can set the EVE Agent to send out emails or SMS text messages at every one of the action points above. The communication sent out should be a mix of logistics, information and marketing – “where you’re going to be, what you’re going to do, what equipment you’ll need to do it with and how this leads on to the next step.”

The EVE Agent finds those customers, at every step of their journey through their course with you – from booking, prior to the course, during the course and after the course – and can use your customised PADI email templates to deliver the appropriate scheduling, informational and promotional message.

Targeted, relevant messages to your divers… the right message at the right time to the right customers… let EVE work for you.

Start today and use EVE to help promote your services to your customers as they take their PADI Open Water course with you.

You can even try EVE out for 60 days because we’re confident that once you do, you’ll never want to let EVE go. Follow the link to (or enter “Introduction to EVE” in YouTube) and email to get started today.

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