ScubaEarth Featured Destination: Cambodia

29 Mar


PADI Asia Pacific is delighted to advise that the weekly diving destination featured on ScubaEarth™ is currently showcasing Cambodia.

ScubaEarth™ is an online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water lovers. It’s a robust, one-stop site to research, plan and share dive experiences providing a host of information.

ScubaEarth is already a high traffic website for the scuba diving industry as it’s powered by PADI and PADI Members and with an average of 50,000+ unique visitors each month – it presents 70,000+ consumers (divers or potential divers) to reach, engage and convert.

ScubaEarth has recently launched a new feature, the Critter Finder, allowing users to explore by clicking on the Critter tab and typing favourite critters into the search box. The Critter Finder will display interesting facts such as ‘how Cuttlefish communicate’, or ‘what on earth is a false killer whale?’, providing users with greater information about marine life in your area.

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