Bali Crystal Divers – Protecting Our Ocean Planet One Dress at a Time

Bali Crystal Divers hosted a fabulous second hand clothing sale in support of Project AWARE to raise much needed funds for ocean protection.It was chic, funky and eco all the way as well as raising a splendid $1050 AUD.

The second hand, stylish and beautiful clothes were donated by the local expat community in Bali, Indonesia including mens, womens, kids, accessories, bags and much more! This event showcased how to buy less, reuse, recycle, upcycle and have some fun! With the so much pressure facing the resources of our natural planet it’s important to think about our clothes, where they come from, what they are made of, who makes them and the consequences of their production. The textile sector is water intensive and wasteful, so it’s vital we make the most of the current clothing and fibres in existence.

A Second Hand Clothing Sale is a great place to get something new without impacting the environment. “There have bee
n over 10,000 cloth items reported in Dive Against Debris surveys since 2011.  With so much more clothing ending up in landfill finding ways to continually circulate clothing is the best way to go,” said Joanna McNamara Project AWARE.

Thanks to everyone involved! All donations support a healthy ocean.

Bali Crystal Divers

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