PADI Instructor Exams held in Indonesia during April

PADI Asia Pacific conducted two PADI Instructor Exams in Indonesia during the second week of April, 2014.

The first one took place in Gili Trawangan from 8-9 April, 2014 conducted by PADI Asia Pacific’s Instructor Examiner, Brigit Jager. PADI Course Directors Sander Buis and Holly MacLeod had skilfully prepared 8 candidates for the occasion.

Gili Trawangan 8-9 April

Photo: Gili Trawangan

Left to Right:  Brigit Jager, PADI Instructor Examiner, with Charlotte White, Arash Honarkar-Saveh, Lynn Mallinger, Laura Leersnyder, Abhedya Ajay Yeole, Chris Read, (front) Sulman Alfarizi Ali and Lucas Knott.

The Bali Instructor Exam was next on the schedule which took place from 11-13th April.  Brigit Jager was joined on this occasion by PADI Instructor Examiner, Marc Vander Poel as there were a total of 20 candidates enrolled for the program.

It was obvious that PADI Course Directors Minni Vangsgaard, Takayuki Matsumoto, S.F. Chong, Jonathan Cross and Cedric Genet had been extremely busy earlier in April during PADI Instructor Development Courses to prepare this large group for their Instructor Exam.

Bali IE 2014

Photo: Bali

A total of 20 PADI Instructor Candidates were present at the Bali Instructor Exam from 11-13th April. 

Congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors in Indonesia!

How to Sell

Part 2

One of the hardest parts of a Dive Pro role is sales.  Not all dive pros have a sales background.

There are many misconceptions about how to sell and why people buy from you. It is no longer about being a good sales man. Anyone can sell.

Have you ever been to your local dive shop to buy a cheap basic set of regulators? You walk out with a top of the range regulator, feeling quite proud of yourself, and you have all the answers you need to explain to your partner why you over spent!  This happened because of “trust”. You trusted the person you were dealing with.

Over time (long or short) the salesman built up a relationship with you. 40% of sales are made on trust, 30% on need and value, 20% on opportunity and only 10% on technique.

Dive pros should (and can) find it easier than most to sell.  EVERY student or diver has trust in their dive pro or they would finish neither the dive nor the course. Considering the stat above, you should have a con-ed rate and/or equipment sales rate of 40%.\

Some tips to get to that 40% rate.


  • Be familiar with equipment & courses features and benefits
  • know the policies and procedures at your place of employment for enrolling
  • Know where your customer is going next and what kind of diving is in store for them


  •          Ask questions about likes and dislikes, plans and goals, interests, etc.  –  so that you can match their needs
  • Phrase questions to require explanations
  • Let the customer do most of the talking
  • Listen and repeat what you think are their needs
  • Present options


  • Objections mean they want to know why they should purchase something not that they do not want it. If they don’t want it they would say “No Thank you”
  • 80% of sales are made after the 6th objection, So make sure you have the answers for the objections

o   Time

o   Money

o   Usefulness

  • Knowledge of and belief in the product


  • Present additional items that enhance main item
  • Not be put off from asking the customer to buy an item

(Ask yourself how many courses you have taught and not offered the next course or any equipment?  Remember 40% of sales are made on trust)


  • Provide good customer service by supplying additional information
  • Create your own database and references
  • You will never have anyone complain about spending money on toys or diving.

Book now for PADI Business Academy Bali!

Business Academy

Time is running out to book your spot at the PADI Business Academy in Bali, Indonesia which takes place on 3 – 4 June 2014. Follow up results from PADI Members in Asia Pacific revealed that the group of 108 PADI Retailers and Resorts who completed the PADI Business Academy in 2013, enjoyed an average increase of 13.6% in diving certifications compared with 2012. This highlights the tangible benefits that PADI Business Academies provide for PADI Dive Centres and Resorts.

Date: 3 – 4 June, 2014

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Venue: Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel & Suites

Refer to online brochure for other locations in the Asia Pacific region.

At the PADI Business Academy, you’ll explore the latest, modern-day, cutting-edge business techniques and walk away from the two-day program armed with tools to implement strategies most valuable to your business. To ensure a custom-tailored learning environment, the number of attendees is limited, so the Business Academy staff can really focus on you. Following the completion of Business Academy, PADI Staff will follow-up with you throughout the year to help you reach your business goals set during the program.

PADI Business Academy tuition fees are offered through three tiers: 5 Star Dive Centres/Resorts, Dive Centres/Resorts and Individual Members. Tuition fee includes tuition for one member, a USB drive filled with PADI Business Academy materials and a cocktail reception. Plus, with every four paid attendees from your store, you’ll receive a free tuition credit for a fifth member of your staff – making the decision to attend even easier.

The online brochure contains detailed information about the various workshops and a schedule of events. View the online brochure.

The PADI Business Academy program is filling up quickly and numbers are strictly limited so PADI staff can provide you with personal attention. So don’t delay – contact your PADI Regional Manager Paul Tanner or download the registration form to enroll in the PADI Business Academy program and prepare to transform your business for success in 2014.

Improve sales skills to benefit both diver and pro

Sleazy smiling con man

No one became a dive pro because they liked the idea of being a sales man.  When you think of sales, you probably think of someone in a sheep-skin coat, on the forecourt of a car showroom telling you what a deal this car is and what a deal that car is.  As you kick the tire, you know there’s something about the car this guy isn’t telling you.  Things seem too good to be true, and you’re not sure if the previous owner was a lady nun.

Sales is part of a dive pro job because…

The student or diver will benefit from having equipment that is tailor-made/fitted for them. This will make their dive more enjoyable and safer. Being more relaxed, the diver will extend their dive time and will see more when diving.  The longer they dive, the better diver they will become.  This is the same if they invest in their education.

Sales of equipment and/or continuing education courses are a win for everyone in the dive industry.

The dive shop who sells equipment wins because of the profit made and the small amount of costs of stocking and selling a product.  This also applies for continuing education course. It will help the Dive Centre invest back into the dive industry and their business. This in turn creates more business for that dive centre.

The instructor/Dive Pro will benefit from having a diver who is more relaxed, a diver who trusts them. There might also be a financial reward as well as you will have more work. Plus, your diver is more likely to continue diving if they have invested in dive equipment.

The Industry overall wins because the diver had a more enjoyable dive, and will carry on diving in the future.


This is part one of a two-part blog.  Look out for “How to Sell”, coming soon.


A Day in the Life of a Divemaster

PADI recently interviewed Cameron Schwaiger from Kew in Victoria who took up his dream job as a PADI Divemaster at Academy of Scuba, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Glen Iris and Rye. 

Read what he has to say.

Cam Schwaiger DM underwater

Describe a typical day in your working life as a PADI Divemaster.
For me diving is an activity I love to do outside my full time work. It normally involves getting up early on the weekends and making my way down the Mornington Peninsula. I discuss with the staff in the dive shop about who will be diving that day, to understand what their experience is.

For a guided dive, I provide the divers with the briefing and find out what they most want to get out of it and if anyone has concerns.  After the dive, we usually discuss what we saw and any other relevant points about the experience. Many of the divers often become friends and sometimes I think the dive is just an excuse to catch-up with others!

When I’m assisting on a course and haven’t worked with a particular Instructor before, we will begin with a discussion on how the course is to be run and what their expectations are.  I help with the gear, answer any questions and make the students feel comfortable. Then the fun part begins – the dives!   My main role here is to help keep a watch on the students and assist them if needed. After the dive, we return the gear, discuss the diving and complete the paperwork.  Finally its congratulations to those who have completed their course, with grins all round!

When and where did you start diving?
Growing up, I had always spent a lot of time in the water. For example, when I was a kid I used to think it was funny to hide from Mum by staying down at the bottom of the pool for as long as I could. Scuba diving started when I did a PADI Open Water Course at University, a long time ago!

I was then mainly tropical diving on holidays until I had more time in Melbourne, where I became addicted to the waters here.

When and where did you become a PADI Divemaster?
I became a PADI Divemaster in 2011 with a great bunch of students.  Kat Vcelka was our fantastic PADI Instructor from Academy of Scuba in Victoria.

What made you choose to become a PADI Professional?
Diving is so much fun, so who wouldn’t want to spend more time in the water! Seriously, I wanted to learn more and also be involved with showing others how fantastic it is.  I didn’t realise until I started to work with different Instructors how everyone has their own approach to teaching and it’s a great way to learn. It is also a stepping stone towards being a PADI Instructor, one day!

What highlights do you recall from your PADI Divemaster course?
The in-depth learning was very interesting – I absorbed so much more about diving.  The skills were a challenge, but lots of fun to do and also hearing about all the terrific diving stories from our PADI Instructor.   And then finally getting to assist as an intern on the courses.

What dive locations are on your bucket list and why?
So many, but Galapagos Islands for the diversity of animal life both on land and in the water, Truk Lagoon for the wrecks and anywhere at all to see Whale Sharks!

What has been the most memorable dive of your life?
Sipadan Island in Malaysia, where in one dive, due to the steep drop offs, we saw the ultimate combination of masses of tropical fish along with the pelagics in the deeper water.

What words of advice and encouragement would you give to divers thinking of becoming a PADI Divemaster?
If you love diving, want to learn more and find helping others rewarding, have a chat to your local dive store – or other Divemasters and Instructors to understand more about what is involved.

Product Announcement – PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Diver Manual is now available and shipping

side mount and tec sidemountThe PADI Sidemount and Tec Sidemount Student Manual is NOW AVAILABLE for PADI Asia Pacific Members (product #70491).

For the Instructor:

PADI Sidemount Specialty Course Instructor Guide (Product #70490)

Tec Sidemount Instructor Guide with Binder (Product #71055)

For the Diver:

PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Diver Pak contains the student manual and Paper or Online PIC, (70491SP/P70491SP)

Follow these links for more information on the PADI Recreational Sidemount Course and for the Tec Course.

If you would like to place an order please contact the PADI Sales Department (tel + 61 2 9454 2888).

Remember you can order anytime from the Online Shopping Cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Siteand click Shop Online.



Congratulations PADI Business Academy Bangkok Attendees!

With an average increase of 13.6% in diving certifications for 2013 attendees compared with 2012, your attendance at the PADI Business Academy provided the required foundations to see similar results for your own business.

All 29 PADI Retail & Resort Association Members were together in Bangkok, Thailand on 20th – 21st May to gain first hand insights on numerous online business practices and strategies, customised to meet the specific needs of the diving industry.

Throughout the two-day workshop the following topics were discussed:

  • Is Your Website Working For You?
  • Blogging
  • Facebook
  • You Tube
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Email marketing
  • ScubaEarth
  • eLearning
  • Marketing to Chinese speaking customers

There have been 450+ PADI Retail & Resort Association Members attend the PADI Business Academies since 2012, each leaving the workshops with powerful insights into how the above topics can help them reach out to new and existing divers.

What will you implement first to help your business?