How to Sell

Part 2

One of the hardest parts of a Dive Pro role is sales.  Not all dive pros have a sales background.

There are many misconceptions about how to sell and why people buy from you. It is no longer about being a good sales man. Anyone can sell.

Have you ever been to your local dive shop to buy a cheap basic set of regulators? You walk out with a top of the range regulator, feeling quite proud of yourself, and you have all the answers you need to explain to your partner why you over spent!  This happened because of “trust”. You trusted the person you were dealing with.

Over time (long or short) the salesman built up a relationship with you. 40% of sales are made on trust, 30% on need and value, 20% on opportunity and only 10% on technique.

Dive pros should (and can) find it easier than most to sell.  EVERY student or diver has trust in their dive pro or they would finish neither the dive nor the course. Considering the stat above, you should have a con-ed rate and/or equipment sales rate of 40%.\

Some tips to get to that 40% rate.


  • Be familiar with equipment & courses features and benefits
  • know the policies and procedures at your place of employment for enrolling
  • Know where your customer is going next and what kind of diving is in store for them


  •          Ask questions about likes and dislikes, plans and goals, interests, etc.  –  so that you can match their needs
  • Phrase questions to require explanations
  • Let the customer do most of the talking
  • Listen and repeat what you think are their needs
  • Present options


  • Objections mean they want to know why they should purchase something not that they do not want it. If they don’t want it they would say “No Thank you”
  • 80% of sales are made after the 6th objection, So make sure you have the answers for the objections

o   Time

o   Money

o   Usefulness

  • Knowledge of and belief in the product


  • Present additional items that enhance main item
  • Not be put off from asking the customer to buy an item

(Ask yourself how many courses you have taught and not offered the next course or any equipment?  Remember 40% of sales are made on trust)


  • Provide good customer service by supplying additional information
  • Create your own database and references
  • You will never have anyone complain about spending money on toys or diving.

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