Deliver the right message at the right time with EVE

TEveLogohe EVE Agent and Customer Search Wizard will help you deliver the right message at the right time to your divers.

Take, for instance, a group of divers who’ve certified today as PADI Open Water Divers. You can task EVE to:

  • Follow up automatically on the continuing education interests they expressed during the course
  • Promote the next step in their diving education during this course itself
  • Congratulate them on their achievement on the day they complete their certifying dives
  • Follow up 7 days later with an e-mail promoting the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course (or any other specialty program you feel is right for your store in your location)
  • Deliver further specific contacts at regular intervals as part of a ‘warm touch’ campaign
  • Send these divers information on the entry level dive equipment you recommend

“We’re up over 200% year to date on Advanced Open Water bookings and the major significant difference has been the use of the EVE.” Peter Letts, Abyss Scuba

And that’s not all. When these divers sign up for the PADI Advanced Open Water program that action can set in motion another series of messages:

  • Thanks for booking
  • Just 7 days to go
  • The equipment you’ll need is…
  • Congratulations
  • The next step is…

What’s more, when they purchase equipment, EVE can help you use that sale as a unique chance to promote further continuing education. A diver buying a BCD from you can be targeted with an e-mail encouraging them to sign up for the next PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy class you’re running, or a PADI Digital Underwater Photography promo can follow from a camera sale, and so on.

Moreover, all of these interests, purchases and certifications are tracked through EVE. Use EVE to find out which continuing education programs attract most divers in your store, which generate the most equipment sales and so on.

By using EVE to automatically segment your divers by certification level, by equipment ownership, by recorded interest, you can target the right divers at the right time with the right continuing education program that meets their needs and keeps them coming back to you.

To learn more about how to set up this targeted marketing campaign in EVE contact your PADI Regional Manager or email

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