New Product Announcement – PADI Equipment Specialist Touch

PADI Asia Pacific is very pleased to announce the launch of the latest PADI Touch product – the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch.

This product is designed to give students more information on all aspects of scuba equipment; how to choose the best pieces to purchase, how to maintain their own gear and different options available, including rebreathers.

The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch provides PADI Instructors with a new, optional tool to assist in teaching the PADI Equipment Specialist course. The Equipment Specialist Touch is an interactive, multimedia, tablet-based program that goes over the features and functions of current dive equipment.

This new PADI Touch product does not include any knowledge reviews or exam, so it would also be a great optional tool to add to any professional development course, or to offer to any avid scuba diver.

In the Touch format this product is available on all iOS and Android tablets and has short video clips integrated, along with interactive images.

We are sure you are going to find this product a great addition to the PADI products and our growing suite of Touch products.

This product is now available for sale from the PADI Asia Pacific Sales Department.

If you should need any further information, or would like to place an order please contact the PADI Asia Pacific Sales Department.

Equipment Specialist TouchEquipment Specialist TouchEquipment Specialist Touch Equipment Specialist Touch

The Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS)

As passionate scuba divers and lovers of all that it entails, we commend those who give their all to make positive contributions to the underwater world.

Each year, the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS) awards three Rolex Scholarships to young people who are considering a career in an underwater-related discipline. Each scholar recipient spends a year working alongside current leaders in underwater fields.

The selected recipients will work closely with leaders in marine-related fields partaking in endeavours ranging from:

  • Scientific expeditions
  • Underwater research
  • Field study
  • Laboratory assignments
  • Equipment testing and design
  • Photographic instruction
  • and/or other specialised assignments

The scholars will spend a year traveling extensively to gain exposure and get hands-on experiences in activities that will contribute to a well-rounded education.

You can follow each scholar’s journey via the OWUSS Facebook Page.

Watch 2013 OWUSS Rolex Scholar, Stefan Andrews, describe the significance of the scholarship program.

Debris Month of Action 2014

Global Scuba Divers Fight Back Against Ocean Trash

September is Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action – a time when thousands of scuba divers around the world rally together to take action against the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way to the ocean. Marine debris, or trash in the ocean, consists of litter like plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles as well as enormous fishing nets, cars and industrial waste. It’s unsightly, costly for local communities and endangers some of our most vulnerable underwater species.

During Debris Month of Action, volunteers will come together in their favorite local dive sites to remove and report the trash we find underwater. Divers can find events located across the globe or download tools and tips to guide a Dive Against Debris anytime, anywhere at

“Marine debris kills countless marine species silently and needlessly each year. But divers are using their unique skills to fight back and contribute the underwater debris data needed to show the true extent of the marine debris problem and devise solutions,” says Alex Earl, Executive Director, Project AWARE.

As shown on the interactive Dive Against Debris Map, plastics constitute nearly 70 percent of the trash removed and reported since June 2011. Globally, we produce and consume more than 230 million tons of plastics every year. That’s almost two hundred times as much as we did in 1950. Far too much of that plastic ends up in the ocean, killing marine life and destroying habitats.

diovge against debris month of action

“By visualizing the types and amounts of debris divers are reporting on the online map, Project AWARE is aiming to connect like-minded advocates, inspire year-round action to remove and report underwater trash, and show the extent of the problem from a unique, underwater perspective,” said Ania Budziak, Associate Director of Science and Policy for Project AWARE. “But beyond that, in longer term, we hope to use the information divers report to implement waste management policies at various scales – national, regional and global – necessary to prevent debris from reaching the ocean.”

To aid the organization’s underwater efforts, Project AWARE has recently launched a PADI approved course – Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty – to help train and equip scuba divers as citizen scientists. Divers receive the necessary skills and become certified with PADI, a globally recognized dive training organization.

Volunteers can find out more about Debris Month of Action and volunteer opportunities to help protect the ocean on Project AWARE’s website, Want to find out more about the types of trash found in your local waters? Visit the Dive Against Debris Map at

Strengthen your dive business by setting clear goals

The scuba diving industry is a rewarding one, allowing you to pursue and live your passion for diving. It can however be fairly competitive, especially in developed cities or popular holiday and diving destinations. There are many reasons why one would want to open up a dive business, including expanding on a lifelong hobby, passion for teaching and sharing experiences with others, challenging yourself and putting your business plans in action, or simply to earn some income from something you do all the time anyway!

Whatever your reasons are, it is paramount that you have plans in place to keep the business sustainable. How do you do this? Well, luckily many of our valued members are already doing well – so keep up the great job. For those of you who are feeling the strain then we may look into how we can make your business / operations do better.

There are no exact right or wrong formulas, however here are some important factors:

  • Setting goals
  • Understanding your market
  • Cost effective operations
  • Sales and or Marketing
  • Financial planning and more.

For today, we shall just dwell on the importance of setting goals.

This is one of the key ingredients for a successful business and an obvious one which should be developed at the very beginning. For instance, do you know what the minimum amount of monthly sales is required to break even? By knowing this, you can set your goals to a realistic figure. It is better to, at the very least, break even or make a profit of a certain amount, even if relatively small.

By first setting your business goals and focusing on your budget and expectations, you can then proceed to work on how to achieve the goals and build accordingly against your success.

This area of your dive business is one that is of importance to us, as it should be to you. If you require any assistance or need further information on setting goals then please get in touch with your local PADI Regional Manager.

Written by Johnny Chew,
PADI Regional Manager for Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia.

scuba tanks


PADI Asia Pacific awards for 2013 achievements in the PHILIPPINES

Every year PADI Asia Pacific proudly acknowledges outstanding contribution from a smaller group of PADI Retail and Resort Association members with a recognition plaque. The amount of these sought-after awards are presented to less than 10% of the membership. Below is the list of the 13 PADI operations who earned this award in various categories.


The value of the award and how to achieve it

These awards are not only a recognition from PADI for all the outstanding work the PADI operators are doing through the year, but it is also a very strong marketing tool for the operators in their efforts to both get new customer into the business and retention of existing customers.

The PADI operators are as proud to receive the award as PADI Asia Pacific are to present it to them, but a more important factor is the positively strong perception from the consumers.

As the list below shows, PADI dive shops of all categories and sizes can achieve this award. Anyone has the chance to win and no one is competing with others to achieve these prestigious awards. The highest business growth for a shop compared to their own achievement the year before, will be considered for an award.

Congratulations to the following PADI Dive Centres for their 2013 success.


Tech Dive – IT Puerto Galera Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry
PADI 5 star IDC
Sea World Dive Center Boracay Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry
PADI 5 star CDC
Thresher Shark  Divers Malapascua Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry
PADI 5 star CDC
Sierra Madre Divers Dive Center Bohol Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry
PADI 5 star IDC
Ocean Player Dive Resort Mactan, Cebu Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry
PADI 5 star IDC
Seaquest Dive Center Bohol Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level and Retention
PADI 5 star
Boracay New Wave Divers Boracay Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level and Retention
PADI 5 star
Liquid Dive Dumaguete Dumaguete Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level and Retention
PADI 5 star IDC
Milky’s Dive Center Boracay Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level and Retention
PADI resort
Deepper Dive, Inc Bohol Outstanding Contribution to Diver Entry Level and Retention
PADI 5 star IDC
Submariner Diving Center El Nido Outstanding contribution to Diver Acquisition
PADI 5 star
Asia Divers Inc Puerto Galera Outstanding contribution to Diver Acquisition
PADI 5 star CDC
Atmosphere Resorts Dumaguete Outstanding contribution to Diver Retention

  PADI 5 star IDC

The New Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty Course

Led by you, the PADI Instructor, now divers of all experience levels can be equiped with knowledge and skills to complete Dive Against Debris surveys.

Project AWARE’s army of dive cleaners and volunteers are always buzzing after their Dive Against Debris action. Now, with the  New Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty, divers of all experience levels can be equipped with better knowledge of debris issues and empowered with the skills to complete ongoing Dive Against Debris surveys.

From planning the dive to reporting the debris data, the Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty course prepares students to participate and support regular Dive Against Debris surveys. The course:

  • Educates divers about the messy problem of marine debris – the damage done, what it is, where it comes from, and how divers are part of the solution.
  • Equips divers with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct a Dive Against Debris survey – considerations for creating a survey dive profile, use of photography, and decision making on what to remove and what to leave behind.
  • Highlights the five steps needed to record and report findings from a Dive Against Debris dive – weigh, sort, record, dispose, and report.
  • Explains how to join the global Project AWARE movement of scuba divers protecting our ocean planet.

If you’re looking to really make a difference and support a growing global army of volunteers combating ocean trash, then teaching this course is for you. Students will gain a PADI certification which counts towards their PADI Master Scuba Diver and they’ll be well on their way to leading and organizing their own surveys no matter where they live or dive.

Plus, your Instructor Rating counts towards your own PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor rating. PADI Course Directors can also apply for the Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty Instructor Trainer rating.

PADI will generously donate the application fee to Project AWARE and all teaching materials are available free to download.

Join other leaders around the world and become a Dive Against Debris Distinctive Specialty Instructor today.

If you’re a diver interested in taking the course, contact your nearest PADI Dive Center or Resort and ask them about the Dive Against Debris Specialty. Also check out the Action Zone map for events and volunteer opportunities near you.

Project AWARE Dive Against Debris Specialty

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From Miss Scuba International to PADI Instructor

Miss Scuba International
Miss Scuba International Jamie

Happened recently in Phuket where our Miss Scuba International Jamie Piyada got certified with flying colors after passing the IE officially  as PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

“Since the first breath I took underwater, I knew I was hooked!”

Originally from Bangkok, Thailand Jamie has always been an ocean girl. “My connection with the ocean is indescribable, I do not know where it came from, all I know is the ocean is where I can find my serenity” says Jamie on an Interview with PADI Regional Manager Andy Auer

“I have always been into water sports, swimming, snorkeling, free diving and I knew SCUBA diving is my next step, it was just the matter of when. The first time I tried SCUBA diving was in November 2011 during my PADI Open Water Course. I remember the feeling when I sat down at the bottom of the pool and took my first breath…hearing nothing but my own breath, seeing the bubbles floating up to the sparkling light on the surface, I felt the sensation of ecstasy and I knew I’ve just been bitten by a SCUBA bug. After my first open water, I remember came up and told my instructor that this is what I want to do, I am going to be a dive instructor one day, he said nothing, nodded and smiled as if he has heard it all before, little did he know that Jamie meant it!.”

“Miss Scuba International representing Thailand”

Since 2012, Jamie is involved with an organization called Miss Scuba International, a beauty pageant for female scuba divers from all over the world to join and share their love and passion for the ocean and the sport. With the motto “Saving oceans through beauty” the main purpose of this pageant is to promote marine conservations and encourage more females to dive. She represented Thailand in the international round in Bali, Indonesia. At the end of a 10 day competition, her passions were recognized and I won the title of Miss Scuba International2012/13.

“During my time as Miss Scuba International2012/13 I had the opportunity to travel the world for a year and met so many interesting and inspiring people in marine conservation and diving industry, one of them was Darren Gaspari from Aussie Divers Phuket. I met Darren at Asia Dive Expo in Singapore, we had a conversation about diving in Thailand and Phuket and I guess somewhere along the line I must have slipped out my dream of becoming a dive instructor. Couple of months later Darren contacted me with a great and exciting news, that PADI and Aussie Divers Phuket are interested in sponsoring me for my PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Dive Master Course. Obviously it took me less than a second to consider the offer, my dream has been recognized and is now coming true, of course I said yes! Couple of meetings and couple of months later I said goodbye to the big city, moved down to Phuket and started my new adventure as a Dive Master Trainee”

I knew I was hooked

I have done my IDC with PADI CDC Centre  Dive Asia and PADI Course Director Artin Zaman in Phuket and and I am now a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, but in my opinion, Dive master course is definitely one of the most rewarding and life changing course as a dive professional. It was very exciting to go through a big transformation from just a girl who likes diving to a dive professional who now has responsibilities to be taken care of. It is the time when you have many of your “First” experiences, most of which you normally see and hear when you go diving, but let me tell you, it is completely a different story when you ARE the one doing it (e.g., demonstrate skills (which could be beneficial if you happen to want to go into acting or work as a mime!), brief the dive, set up dive site, lead the dive) and the list goes on. I learned pretty much everything I have seen and noticed, but I definitely learned A LOT of what I had not even come close to realize were important as a fun diver.


"always been a water girl"
“always been an ocean girl”

To me my dream has now been achieved but it is just a key to open doors filled with new adventures. A Big Thank you to PADI for recognized my dream and gave me the opportunity that has changed my life forever, for me to be living the dream. And thank you to PADI CDC Center Dive Asia and CD Artin Zaman for the great professional and fun IDC Experience i had. But the biggest thank you is for  Aussie Divers Phuket, Darren Gaspari and all Aussie Divers’ instructors, who aren’t only good looking, but very professional and fun to learn from and be around with. I can’t tell you enough how lucky I feel to get to learn from such a professional and passionate team. Even though each instructor has their own personality, teaching style and techniques, but one thing they all have in common is their dedication to the customer, they always make sure everyone stays safe and has their experience worthwhile. What I learned is at the end of the day, we are a part of our customer’s holiday and it is up to us to make it a forgettable or a memorable one, just like those dive masters and instructors who have made my holiday.


“For those of you who love diving, love the ocean and love people, I definitely recommend PADI Dive Master Course. Not only you will grow as a diver, you will grow as a person. Everyday as a dive professional is a new adventure waiting for you to explore. If I can do it, so can you! Happy Diving!