Underwater Clean Up Success in Phuket

The environment in south west Thailand was the winner in late September when a very energetic group of around 200 scuba divers set out aboard 8 boats and effectively returned with more than 1000kg of trash from Phuket dive sites.

Robert Scammell (PADI Instructor Examiner) and Andy Auer (PADI Regional Manager, Thailand,) were joined by an enthusiastic crowd of PADI Divers and PADI Professionals who all worked together throughout the day to achieve this fantastic result.

In conjunction with Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris – Month of Action, the initiative was a combined effort by local PADI Dive Shops and other industry stakeholders who generously donated their dive boats for the day.

PADI would like to extend hearty congratulations and a huge ‘Thank You’ to all the participants of the Phuket Underwater Clean Up.


Left: PADI Instructor Examiner, Rob Scammell with Andy Auer, PADI Regional Manager – Thailand, supporting the Phuket Underwater Clean Up.

PHUKET Rob  & Andy

A group of around 200 divers took part in Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris – Month of Action initiative to clean up Phuket dive sites.


Official Underwater Photographer for the event was Johan Torfason. 

PADI Member Renewals Season – Renew Your Support for the Ocean!

PADI Member Renewals Offer 2015 APThe PADI Member Renewal season is here! Our ocean needs your renewed support and you can help protect the ocean you love with a donation to Project AWARE.

When you make a donation of $25 or more with your PADI Member Renewal you’ll receive a limited edition Project AWARE eco mask strap as a special thank you. There’s 4 Easy Ways to Donate:

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3)      Choose the donate option when you complete your renewal online.

4)      Complete the PADI Member Renewal 2015 Form which will be mailed directly to you.

Together, with each victory, we’re giving the ocean a voice and placing marine species on the global agenda. Your donation will help protect vulnerable sharks and rays from the biggest threat they face today – overexploitation.

With your support, Project AWARE can take every opportunity to ensure that sharks and rays will not disappear on our watch.

Ask your PADI Team to add the donation for you: memdep@padi.com.au

Project AWARE is an award winning non-profit that truly appreciates your support with a commitment to efficiently using your funds for maximum marine conservation impact with innovative global programs.


“The Garden of the Gods”

“The Garden of the Gods”

The area of Pemuteran Bay is already renowned for its rich underwater marine life and wide variety of healthy reefs.  Since its establishment in 1991, Reef Seen Divers Resort has developed and undertaken many projects to protect the environment and improve the experience for divers.  Initially the conservation, with the help of the Reef Gardeners, encouraged the abolition of poor, destructive fishing practices, and removing natural voracious predators such as crown of thorns sea-stars and the drupella shells.

You may also have heard about the Bio-Rock installations in the area and the Underwater Temple Garden dive site.  This latter was an idea of Chris Brown (the owner and founder of Reef Seen) to help boost employment and recovery in the area, after the effects of the Bali Bombs.  Part of a overall plan to increase the number of dive sites thus decreasing the impact of the rising number of divers on the natural reefs. Somewhat of an engineering feat it features over ten large stone statues resting on stone plinths and a 4 metre high Balinese candi bentar gateway. Found at a depth of 28 meters and it also incorporates a cleaning station with schooling batfish. The “garden” is covered in gorgonian fans and must be seen to be believed. In 2006, a second stage to these Temple Gardens was constructed at a depth of 15 metres to allow less experienced divers to be able to dive the location.

And now we continue with the creation of “The Garden of the Gods” a NEW dive site in Pemuteran Bay constructed about 400m off the beach in front of Reef Seen.   A collaboration between Reef Seen, Asian Geographic and the Reef Gardeners of Pemuteran

Less formal than the Temple Garden, this is more like recreational park, inspired by the Balinese Legend of Dewata Nawa Sanga or the 9 gods of Bali, with Shiva sitting on the back of a turtle surrounded by the other Gods/Dewa positioned at the 8 directions of the wind.  There are also smaller statues of turtles, fish, fountains and lanterns scattered about the garden.  Each statue has been sponsored by individual diving guests and local businesses to support the project.


A formal Hindu Blessing Ceremony was made prior to the main installation, together with the heads of the local community organisations for full approval and sanction of the site, statues and crew involved.  The garden was then put in place during 23-27 May 2014 and now it stands for divers to enjoy.  And for nature to have its way and incorporate the statues into the environment, providing new homes for corals and other marine life.

For more information please contact Paul.Tanner@padi.com.au

100% AWARE Partner AquaMarine Diving – Bali cleans up beachfront

On Saturday 13th September 2014, PADI 5 Star Dive Resort AquaMarine Diving – Bali and Kerobokan Kelod Elementary School, joined forces with 2 of Bali’s leading environmental organisations – Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) and Eco Bali Recycling (EBR) to get down and get dirty cleaning up the rubbish along the Batu Belig beachfront.

The idea was seeded and manifested by Devina from AquaMarineDiving – Bali who led the charge alongside Wayan, representing Bali Sea Turtle and Dwi, from Eco Bali Recycling. They took 32 students, under the supervision of 2 teachers, as well as 2 mini buses and drivers supplied by AMD-B. The 40-strong team headed down to the beach to collect all the paper, plastic, glass, aluminium and steel they could find.

The team successfully collected over 50 kilos of recycling during the morning beach clean-up and school social event. That’s over a kilo per person! It came as no surprise that plastic bags formed the majority of the waste with cigarette butts coming in second place. The purpose of the event was not only to collect rubbish, but also to educate the participants in identifying the different types of recycling and separate it from the waste.

“Although this has only been a small exercise”, says Annabel Thomas – Director, AquaMarine Diving – Bali, “it is a starting point to help create awareness in our children and hopefully, will create a ripple in us all that will grow into something greater”.

AMD-B will continue to support and organise Beach Clean-ups throughout 2014 and remind everyone of the three R’s – REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.

More information can be found on the PADI Blog.


Children from Kerobokan Kelod Elementary School in Bali were shown how to collect, identify and record the items of rubbish during their beach clean-up in Bali.

AquaMarine DBali All together

Congratulations to everyone in the successful team who successfully collected over 50 kilos of rubbish!

How to get new customers into the business – Facebook Tagging

The high season is approaching very fast and howFacebook photo tagging do we get new customers into the business without spending too much money on advertising. This article is giving you hints and tips on how you can advertise effectively without spending any money at all. It will take a bit of your time and energy – but no more than that.


Unwritten Facebook Rules

Post every day. That may seem excessive to you but as people make more friends and Like more pages, your posts may be missed. If you are only posting once or twice a week then it could be a long time between posts if your community misses one or two of them. There are studies that show posting between 3-5 times a day can be a good amount for Pages (make sure you are varying your posts and also watch your statistics to see what works best for your community). You can decide that you might take the weekend off but also realize that the weekend is when many people are on Facebook.

Focus on engagement. You are trying to connect and get response from your community. Ask questions, post helpful tips, links to articles that your audience will Like and Share. When you make the posts about your audience and what they need rather than selling, you will develop a richer and deeper relationship with your community. You will sell more as a by-product of that deeper relationship. Set aside time to follow-up on posts and respond to questions on your Wall.

Have a call to action. Tell people to click the Like or comment on the post. Or have them watch your video or go to your website.

Don’t oversell or undersell. No one likes a never-ending sales pitch. By the same token, make sure you do highlight your wares from time-to-time! Use the 80-20 rule for content/connection posts vs. sales messages. So if you decide to post five times a week, four posts will be other helpful or fun content for your community and one of the posts should be a sales message.

Make it fun. Facebook is a social community. People are there to have fun. This is a place where you can let your corporate hair down a little. Stay true to your brand but think of ways to entertain your audience.

What is Tagging?

Friends can tag their Friends in Posts, Pictures, Notes, and Videos by typing the @ symbol and then the person’s name. They select the name from a drop-down list to hyperlink it to the other person’s profile. The person will also get a notification that they have been tagged. People and other Pages can tag your Facebook Page as well by using the same method. A Facebook Page cannot tag a person.

 Why Tag?

Tagging exposes your Dive Centre/Resort to potentially thousands of Facebook users and;

  • Users can tag images that make the brand and its products look enticing to other Facebook users.
  • Users can tag images of how they use the brand, taking a spin on traditional views of the brand.
  • Brand supporters and enthusiasts can tag and share images about how much they love the brand.
  • Asking the audience to tag their new and existing images gives the users a reason to engage with the brand.
  • More tagged images means more content the brand has access to share and promote.
  • It subtly solicits consumer feedback.

How do I enable the Tagging feature on my Facebook page?

The default setting for tagging on Facebook is ‘off’ so you will need to enable this function before using it. Follow these steps –

  1. Click ‘Edit Page’ in the upper-right corner of your Page, then choose ‘Edit Settings’ from the drop-down menu
  2. In the ‘Tagging Ability’ section, check the box labelled ‘Allow others to tag photos posted by [your Page name]’
  3. Click ‘Save’

Did you find the hints and tips useful?

If you want to learn more, PADI offers this topic and a whole range of other Social Media topics at the PADI Business Academy. PADI also offers in-store eMarketing support to PADI 5 star facilities. For more info on Facebook Tagging or eMarketing support, you can also contact your local PADI Regional Manager for advice..

Recent PADI Instructor Exams

View some of the photos from recent PADI Instructor Exams from around the Asia Pacific region.


11-13 July – Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, NZ 11-13 JULY


16-18 July – Tauranga, New Zealand

Tauranga, NZ 16-18 JULY


4-5 August – Tioman, Malaysia


8-10 August – Phuket, Thailand


12-14 August – Koh Tao, Thailand


15-17 August – Cairns, Australia


29-31 August – Uljin, South Korea


30-31 August – Singapore, Singapore



5-7 September – Phuket, Thailand

PHUKET 5_7 Sept

7-8 September – Dalian, China


9-11 September – Koh Tao, Thailand


12-14 September – Sydney, Australia


15-16 September – Port Vila, Vanuatu


20-21 September – Melbourne, Australia


22-23 September – Bohol, Philippines


22-24 September – Pattaya, Thailand


Congratulations to all the new PADI Instructors!

New Benefits for your PADI Master Scuba Diver students

New-Benefits-MSD-DiversPADI Diving Society Members who hold the PADI Master Scuba Diver Rating now have exclusive access to additional benefits from participating PADI Dive Centres and Resorts.

As a PADI Member submit your offer today by visiting the PADI Diving Society Member Benefits Portal.

This additional benefit will assist you in promoting the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating to your students in 2014 and beyond. If you have any questions about the Master Scuba Diver offers or the PADI Diving Society please contact padidivingsociety@padi.com.au.