Download the New PADI App

si_appThe new, improved PADI App is now available for iOS and Android users and it helps you attract and retain more divers. Worldwide, it’s estimated that 86 percent of time spent on mobile devices is spent on mobile apps. That’s why, when people want information about diving, they’ll turn to the app supplying everything they need – the new PADI App. The PADI App includes features to help improve and increase user engagement, drive awareness of diving and create a one-stop mobile experience for everything related to diving.

Key features of the new PADI App include:

Dive shop and dive site locator: Sourcing information from ScubaEarth®, this tool serves up detailed dive site information along with contact information and quick links for nearby PADI Dive Shops. Users can also see current dive site conditions like air and water temperature, surf conditions and more so they can plan dives appropriately.

Training section with comprehensive course information: Divers can learn about courses and sign up for PADI eLearning® or PADI Touch programs through quick access links to the PADI Library App. Divers signing up for digital learning programs are required to affiliate with a PADI Dive Shop who in turn receive a revenue share for each new student. This section also supports equipment sales by providing information about the scuba gear divers will use during training.

PADI eCard access: Divers can download their PADI eCards to the app. All PADI Divers earning a new certification will receive a free temporary PADI eCard good for 30-days. This provides instant verification of training and is in addition to the existing temporary cards divers already receive. Plus, PADI Members can leverage the temporary eCard as a way to increase sales of permanent eCards.

Travel section with destination overviews: Users dreaming about a dive trip can review a multitude of dive destination overviews and plan their next trip to a PADI Shop.

Tools: ScubaEarth integration lets divers access a digital logbook where they can save their information as well as access any dives previously logged in ScubaEarth. Divers also have access to dive planning reminders and checklists, underwater hand signal reviews and knot-tying exercises.

Social and news feeds: With real-time information from PADI social channels including ScubaEarth, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the PADI blog, users can stay connected and engaged with scuba diving.

Current PADI App users will see the new features on their next update, while new users can visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the application.

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