Good Luck to All the Finalists and Thanks for Supporting Sharks!

Blue Season Bali - Best Dive Job

Blue Season Bali’s Best Dive Job in the World.

Eight finalists will soon be selected from the final 16 candidates to win a 6 week GoPRO internship at Blue Season Bali.

Project AWARE is amazed at the awesome way the finalists have leapt into their final challenge. As part of the Project AWARE Finathon they’ve been busy raising funds and taking dares to reach the top spot on the Finathon leaderboard.

At the top of the leaderboard is Alysia Lynn who raised over $2000 in a super short space of time.  “My long term goal is to work in countries that are problematic for shark finning, and work to motivate locals to protect the sharks that drive their tourism.   I also would like to continue working with government to push for changes to laws and policies in the interest of protecting these fragile ecosystems.  I really believe teaching scuba diving in these parts of the world would allow me to make even more of an impact,” said Alysia.Finathon Group Runners

Lisa Bauer celebrated her birthday during the challenge and said “Let’s think about all the sharks born today! My biggest birthday wish: the sharks getting born per day will outnumber sharks getting killed each day.”

It’s Finathon round two for Esther Stuck who swam for sharks earlier this year with Dive Otago New Zealand.  And Lorena Derežanin took on a 5.3km NIKE run in her hometown in the name of sharks.

All the finalists are busy blogging about their passion for sharks at and on the edge of their seats waiting to find out who has made it to Bali. A big huge thank you to everyone who has supported the finalists and of course good luck to the final 16!

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