PADI ReActivate Q&A – “Is ReActivate™ Deactivating Certification Cards?”

PADI ReActivate™ has already been out for a few months and some questions are being raised about the “ReActivated thru” portion of the certification cards. Here are some of the most common questions:

Is PADI “deactivating” certifications?

No. PADI certifications don’t expire and PADI ReActivate participation is not mandatory. Divers completing both knowledge and inwater skill refreshers receive a replacement certification card with a “ReActivated thru” date on it. The card also shows the original certification date, and divers can still present a logbook to show recent activity.

Rather than an apparent “expiration date,” wouldn’t it be better to put “Remember to refresh your skills and knowledge after a period of inactivity” on the card as a reminder?

The date is simply a reminder that divers may need to do something. If divers have been diving frequently, the “ReActivated thru” date may not apply, instead acting as a reminder that divers may need to consider the interval since their last activity before diving again. This is similar to the two-year retraining window on Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care. You would still use those skills in an emergency even if you haven’t taken a refresher in the last two years; but the date is a reminder that you probably want to refresh them.


Watch for more questions and answers about PADI ReActivate in the next edition of Surface Interval.

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