Start 2015 the right way with PADI’s Business Academies

business academy logoWith the 2015 Worldwide PADI Business Academy programme already underway, don’t miss out on your chance to register for one of these game-changing two-day seminars.

Alexandra Dimitriou attended the recent Business Academy in Cyprus, and has shared some positive feedback from her experience.

As a relatively new dive center owner I have had a steep learning curve making the transition from instructor to owner. Today’s marketplace is hugely different to that which I learned in my Business A-level in the UK – oh so many moons ago – the PBA was such an eye opener to ways to move Scuba Monkey onwards and upwards.

The PBA opened my eyes in three major ways:

#1: Marketing isn’t a bad thing, you just have to know your audience and be able to take a personal approach. By knowing who your audience is you can better serve them, and this is a service like all others. You can make it an enjoyable one – both for yourself and for your prospective guests. The PBA taught us how to get the knowledge of things like website keywords, using online tools that have been at my fingertips since the beginning, but until the academy, only my web designer had ventured into this realm on my business’ behalf.

#2: The PADI Pro website. I have used this site for close to 10 years and I honestly thought I understood all the tools available to me.  Clearly not. The PBA went through every tab in the minutest detail and it was a shock to discover all the features that have been available to me all this time and had not been utilizing to full potential.

#3: Social Media. I honestly thought that this element of the PBA would be something that I could learn little from…after all, I already blog, link everything to the website, twitter and Facebook….what more could there be? A lot as it turns out. The PBA taught me little quirks and tweaks that could even further my marketing success. Things like scheduled posting on Facebook and how to highlight an important post are all features that have been at my fingertips, but have failed to use. The academy taught me that staying current to new trends will be an essential mode for dive center survival. This information did not make me loose heart however – again Knowledge is power and power means control. Workshops allowed us to use free tools like Animoto and Mail Chimp to better serve our guests and encourage them to be more interactive over all social platforms.

You too can harness the power!

The following PADI Business Academy programs are schedules across Asia Pacific for 2015.

Business Academy Dates
Chennai, India 24th – 25th February, 2015
Nadi, Fiji 13th – 14th April, 2015
Bangkok, Thailand 11th – 12th May, 2015
Cebu, Philippines 19th – 20th May, 2015
Bali, Indonesia 2nd – 3rd June, 2015

Further PADI Business Academies may be added in 2015 in additional locations, please contact your PADI Regional Manager to express interest.

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