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Crystal Dive Resort and Eco Koh Tao’s latest conservation efforts in Thailand

24 Mar

Crystal Dive _ Kailash Jeff  Nathan CookMatt Bolton, PADI Course Director at Crystal Dive Resort in Thailand, reports on their latest conservation efforts with Eco Koh Tao and the team from Ocean Mysteries.

Crystal Dive Resort, a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort in Koh Tao and its partner conservation team, Eco Koh Tao have been at the forefront of marine conservation projects on Koh Tao for many years. Conducting Reef Check Ecological Surveys, developing artificial reefs and coral nurseries and fixing mooring buoys are just some of the integral conservation projects where our Eco team have been leaders.

When we were contacted in late 2014 by the team from Ocean Mysteries crew, we were delighted to be involved in showcasing some of our work. Two of our major projects at the moment involve active restoration of the near shore coral reefs; one involved growing and propagating corals and the other giant clams.

On March 11 the team from Ocean Mysteries, hosted by Jeff Corwin travelled from Koh Samui for a day in the water around Koh Tao.  Jeffrey Corwin is an American nature conservationist and host and executive producer of the Animal Planet cable channel television programs The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin’s Quest. Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin airs on the ABC network in the USA.

The first stop was at Twins where host Jeff and Eco Koh Tao’s Conservation Coordinator Nathan Cook and Kailash Cook took to the waters to collect some coral fragments. These were brought back to the boat and placed on coral nursery trays before being returned to the nursery to grow. This important reef restoration process helps to regenerate and restore compromised corals on some our near shore reefs which are subject to increased stresses from local and international pressures.

After lunch on board, our second stop was at our local in-house artificial reef, Junkyard where another important reef restoration process is underway, this time with giant clams. Giant Clams are an iconic reef species under pressure throughout the tropics as people remove them for food and souvenirs. For the last 2 years Eco Koh Tao has been looking after a batch of some 450 giant clams in protective cages underwater until they are big enough to survive on their own.

As part of this process, once the clams are big enough they are transplanted from their nursery cage out onto the natural reef. So far we have transplanted over 150 giant clams with a success rate above 80%. This is far better than previous efforts where success was virtually zero. These clams will provide important water filtration services helping to maintain and improve the water quality around Koh Tao.

It was a great day out and provided Eco Koh Tao and Crystal Dive a unique opportunity to showcase our amazing coral reef conservation work to the world. We are especially thankful to Jeff Corwin and his team for making the effort to come to Koh Tao and get involved in our conservation projects first hand.

Crystal Dive Resort is a 100% AWARE Partner and supports Project AWARE actions and campaigns.  For further information, visit  or

Crystal Divers coral nursery setup

Setting up the coral nursery.  Photo by Alex Tyrrell 

Do you teach French or German speaking Students? Then this is for you!

20 Mar

With a growing trend of consumers moving towards mobile devices and interactive displays, it was only natural for PADI to continue to lead the way in technological advancements within the dive industry. Our Touch and Lite Digital Certification Paks are now available in both French and German and the exciting news is that there will be many more languages coming out soon.

These Certification Paks bring the traditional Crew Pak to a fully integrated digital-delivery system and a welcome addition to the ever expanding PADI Digital Product Suite.

Open Water Certification Pak – Offline (Touch)


  • Open Water Diver Touch
  • Open Water Diver eManual
  • Open Water Video clips
  • eRDPml Touch/RDP Tables
  • eTraining Dive Log
  • Certifying Credit (PIC)

Where do I find it?
PADI Library App, and ScubaEarth for the eTraining Dive Log

Who can purchase it?
PADI Members can purchase it via PADI Sales Consultants or the Online Shopping Cart.
Students can purchase it through

Do I need an internet connection?
This is only necessary for the initial download to the PADI Library App, to submit Knowledge Reviews, Quizzes, final Exam and to Log Training Dives on ScubaEarth.

Open Water Touch   si_erdp
Open Water Certification Pak – Lite (online/offline)


  • Open Water Diver eManual (PDF and online eBook)
  • RDP Tables
  • eTraining Dive Log

Where do I find it?
PADI Library App, online Web Viewer and ScubaEarth for eTraining Dive Log.

Who can purchase it?
PADI Members can purchase it via PADI Sales Consultants or the Online Shopping Cart.

Do I need an internet connection?
This is only necessary for the initial download to the PADI Library App, to access the online eBook, to submit Knowledge Reviews and to Log Training Dives on ScubaEarth.

For more information and to order – contact the PADI Sales Department (tel + 61 2 9454 2888)

Don`t forget you can order anytime from the PADI Online Shopping Cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online.

Over 1 Billion Reach for PADI Media Exposure in 2014

19 Mar

PADI is proud to announce that in 2014, our media and advertising efforts reached over 1 billion consumers.

Watch the video to find out how PADI is supporting PADI Professionals and PADI Dive Shops around the world with media and advertising.

For more information visit

Richard Evans of PADI Asia Pacific receives Prestigious Risk Management Award

19 Mar

As part of the OZTeK Dive Conference & Exhibition, Richard Evans – Manager of Risk Management at PADI Asia Pacific – was presented with an award to acknowledge his Exceptional Contributions to the Growth & Development of Recreational Diving. Richard received the award during the OZTeK Gala Dinner held in Darling Harbour, Sydney, on Sunday 15th March. Over 200 attendees from the technical and recreational diving industry were present at the dinner to mark the culmination of the two day event.

Richard Evans Risk ManagementRichard has a long and distinguished risk management career including working in law enforcement in California, USA, for a number of years. Richard has worked for PADI for over 25 years, from three different offices around the world, and has overseen PADI’s risk management, quality management and diving related incidents. His responsibilities include attending court in support of PADI Members and acting as a liaison and appointed counsel for PADI Members, speaking both the language of diving and the law. In 2006, Richard also received another significant award from DAN Asia Pacific for his Contribution to Diver Safety.

Over the years, Richard has conducted hundreds of risk management and quality management seminars for thousands of PADI Members and industry attendees from around the world. Richard has also developed three popular risk management videos for the dive industry; The Duty of Care, Rush Hour, and Guided Dive. All these videos have benefited PADI Members in the area of risk management.

“I’m passionate about scuba diving and I’m also passionate about diver safety”, Richard explains. “The OZTeK award belongs to PADI Members for all the hard work they put into safe diving practices every day”.

Please join PADI in congratulating Richard on this fantastic achievement.

PADI conducts numerous PADI Risk Management Seminars throughout the year for PADI Members and key industry stakeholders. PADI also conduct Risk Management Seminars by webinar on a quarterly basis for PADI Members. Assistance for PADI Members for any Risk Management enquiries is available by contacting Mike Holme or +61 9454 2840, Alex Boulton or +61 9454 2845, or Richard Evans or +61 9454 2841.

Contact PADI Asia Pacific for more information on +61 2 9454 2888 or email

PADI welcomes Scuba For Change – not your usual dive shop.

15 Mar

PADI is very proud that Scuba For Change (SFC) in Puerto Galera (PG) has been affiliated as a PADI Resort. we wish you the best of success.

PADI Regional Manager Jimmy Christrup welcoming  GM Karl Marchant and Assistant Manager Gracian Dela Roas from Scuba For Change as a PADI Resort.

PADI Regional Manager Jimmy Christrup welcoming GM Karl Marchant and Assistant Manager Gracian Dela Roas from Scuba For Change as a PADI Resort.

For this dive shop to see the day, there has been a lot of research done beforehand in Australia band it was not a matter of location or where the best profit could be made, which would be the normal approach for research. The primary goal was to find a place where kids are in need and organised aid and education is being provided – basically the people behind SFC wants to make a difference and maybe not save the whole world, but at least parts of it.

SFC Chairman Mike McGuiness and SFC board member Phil Enright visited from Australia and joined General Manager and PADI instructor Karl Marchant for the grand opening.

SFC Chairman Mike McGuiness and SFC board member Phil Enright visited from Australia and joined General Manager and PADI instructor Karl Marchant for the grand opening.

The location meeting these criteria’s were found in PG where the Stairways foundation is located. SFC has plans to open more branches around Asia with the same purpose.

Grand opening of the first Scuba For Change branch and ribbon cutting together with representatives from Stairways Foundation

Grand opening of the first Scuba For Change branch and ribbon cutting together with representatives from Stairways Foundation

Some of the very honorable missions SFC are having:

• A great portion of the profits will be used to fund programmes run by The Stairway Foundation to help end child exploitation.

• Every single dollar of profit generated, is reinvested back into the community in a sustainable way to create positive and lasting legacies – a unique social enterprise model.

SFC will shortly begin the training of some of the Stairway foundation volunteers as PADI Open Water divers. SFC is very keen to use PADI’s new digital products.

PADI Online Shopping Cart: Digital Products Available 24/7

13 Mar

One of the great advantages of using the Shopping Cart comes when ordering Digital Products – these are available 24/7 through the Shopping Cart.

No need to wait until Sydney working hours – order anytime and receive the Digital Products onto your account almost immediately!

Enter the PADI online shopping cart by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online.

shopping cart 1

How to start a new order?

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How to Order?

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shopping cart 3

How to add items to my order after I have placed the order?

Unfortunately, once the order is processed it is immediately sent to the shipping department and cannot be changed in the system. If it is during Sydney working hours please contact your PADI Sales Consultant.

What is the order status?

To see the status of your open orders on the Home page, look under Order Views, choose the Open Orders link.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. To use promotional discounts, credits or account terms on our Online Shopping Cart please contact your PADI Sales Consultant.

When will my credit card be charged?

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How will the charge appear on the credit card statement?

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Congratulations to New PADI Dive Centre, Scuba for Change.

9 Mar

scuba for changeCongratulations to Scuba for Change who become a Puerto Galera, Philippines PADI Dive Centre in February 2015.

Scuba for Change believes that scuba divers and tourists alike can all leave behind positive and lasting legacies for people living in developing nations. If you have travelled to a developing nation, you may have seen first hand children being exploited, locals unable to break away from a cycle of poverty, earning wages a fraction of what we see in the “First World”.

PADI Dive Centers are professional businesses that engage in the retail sale of recreational scuba diving equipment and instruction. PADI Dive Centers demonstrate a commitment to the PADI system of diver education by offering PADI certification courses and experience programs. Other services they provide include recreational scuba equipment rental and repair, compressed air sales, recreational scuba diving and snorkeling activities, and travel opportunities.

Find out more about Scuba for Change via;


For information about upgrading your PADI Dive Centre, contact PADI Retail and Resort Associations Manager, Mark Cummins –