Risk Management Seminar in Koh Tao, Thailand | 风险管理研讨会 — 泰国. 龟岛

PADI logoPADI Asia Pacific is pleased to announce that risk management seminars will be held in Koh Tao, Thailand on 25th April 2015.  We have been carefully planning this seminar for some time now, and ask that our Chinese speaking members in this region attend this seminar if you possibly can.

PADI Asia Pacific亚太区办公室很高兴宣布PADI风险管理研讨会将于2015年4月25日在泰国龟岛 (Koh Tao) 举办。我们精心筹备了这次的研讨会,敬请您拨冗出席。

Roger Sun, Director, PADI Asia Pacific, Shenzhen office, will be presenting this seminar in Chinese, and it would be a great experience for us to meet with you at this seminar.

在这次的研讨会上,PADI Asia Pacific亚太区深圳办公室总监Roger Sun和将会用中文为您讲解,相信这对我们来讲,都是难能可贵的交流机会。

As we are all aware, sometimes diving activities can have a very narrow window of time to complete the dive activity, but we still need ensure that we have the time to ensure the objectives of the dive are successfully completed.


Time is always a problem that has to be managed carefully, as the objectives of our training is not just to obtain certification for our students.  We must also ensure that a number of other important aspects of diver training are also achieved, such as ensuring training standards are maintained, ensuring that our divers are kept safe and that they enjoy the activity.


Diver safety is always our primary responsibility whether is completing a diving course or guiding recreational dives.  We will be discussing these and other related issues in this seminar.


We consider this seminar to be critically important to the Chinese dive industry as it grows into a major force in the diving market worldwide.  We are looking forward to all Chinese speaking PADI Members, resort staff members’ attendance if at all possible.


Please find all the particulars regarding the event noted below: 


  • Venue: Regal Resort (Conference room)
  • Date: 25th April
  • Duration of seminar: 2.5 hours
  • Timing: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Refreshments: Tea and Coffee
  • 地點: Regal Resort (會議室)
  • 日期:2015年4月25日
  • 研讨会時間: 2.5 小時
  • 時間: 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm
  • 飲料: 茶及咖啡

Please contact Cathy Li cathy.li@padi.com.au if you have any question, thank you.

如有疑问,请联系Cathy Li cathy.li@padi.com.au

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