Philippines and Inbound Tourism – January 2015

For those in the tourism and travel industry, the Philippines holds a great deal of potential.

The business opportunities are plentiful and whether you are already focussed on gaining and nurturing a share of the inbound tourism market, some of the figures below may highlight markets which have previously been overlooked.

As a dive shop owner, you should know that inbound tourism trends can considerably impact business. Knowing and adapting to these trends will help develop many new opportunities.

The below table addresses the International Arrival figures from 2011 – 2015.

International Arrivals 2011-2015
2015 479,149
2014 461,383
2013 436,079
2012 411,064
2011 349,713

These figures clearly show the rising tourism trend for the Philippines where the last 5 years have seen continuous growth year on year, ranging from 3% to 17%.

Where do these tourists come from and what markets should I cater to?

Let’s say you are usually focussed on meeting the needs of the European market but would like to engage with the Australian tourists that visit the Philippines. Is penetrating this market realistic?

Below are the Top Ten Countries that travel to the Philippines.

January % Growth 2015 VS. 2014
Rank Country 2015 SHARE 2014 SHARE
1 KOREA 147,163 30.71% 118,308 25.64%
2 USA 76,896 16.05% 71,042 15.40%
3 JAPAN 38,190 7.97% 35,160 7.62%
4 AUSTRALIA 23,281 4.86% 20,747 4.50%
5 CHINA 21,164 4.42% 49,538 10.74%
6 CANADA 17,922 3.74% 16,413 3.56%
7 SINGAPORE 12,995 2.71% 13,399 2.90%
8 MALAYSIA 12,256 2.56% 8,697 1.88%
9 UK 11,967 2.50% 11,098 2.41%
10 TAIWAN 11,804 2.46% 12,448 2.70%

What can we learn from these figures?

These statistics show that the Philippines is a very popular place for Australian tourists, but are just one of the markets where opportunities exist. With 23,000+ Australian tourists visiting the Philippines in January 2015, there is huge potential to reach those who are non-divers.

The Russian and Chinese inbound tourism in the Philippines has seen a decline in 2015 for various reasons. Despite these facts, it’s very interesting to see that inbound tourism overall is on the rise.

Should these statistics catch your interest in terms of catering to new markets, please feel free to contact your PADI Regional Manager Jimmy Christrup for more advice. If you would like to know more about inbound tourism in the Philippines in detail, visit Philippines Department of Tourism’s website or

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