PADI Award Winners for 2014 Performances in the Philippines

award-cupPADI Asia Pacific is very proud to present the following awards for 2014 performance.

Awards were handed out in 5 different categories with each recipient doing an extraordinary job in 2014 to grow their business.

The competition to get these awards is getting tougher every year as so many PADI dive operators are doing an outstanding job. There is fantastic team work shown throughout PADI Members in the Philippines and because of this, both smaller and bigger stores always have the chance to be a PADI award winner.

With only a limited number of these PADI awards presented, the marketing benefit of being a PADI award winner is invaluable and well deserved.

If you did not make it on the list this year, perhaps next near will be your year.

Please contact your PADI Regional Manager Jimmy Christrup to see how you can work towards achieving your goals and winning awards.

Outstanding Contribution to Diver Acquisition 2014
23453 5 star – Ocean Avenue Diver and Tourist Services
6773 5 star – Boracay Island New Wave Divers
22354 5 star – Palawan Divers
Outstanding Contribution to Diver Retention 2014
22621 5 star IDC – Liquid Dive Dumaguete
22720 The Intl. Poseidon Dive City
Outstanding Contribution to Diver Acquisition & Retention 2014
23581 5 star IDC – Shark Diving Shop
Outstanding Contribution to Professional level training 2014
36055 5 star CDC – Thresher Shark Divers
Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry 2014
22756 5 star IDC – Sierra Madre Divers Dive Center
22118 5 star IDC – Ocean Player Dive
36318 5 star IDC – Tech Dive IT Academy
23244 5 star IDC – Deepper Dive
2736 5 star CDC – Asia Divers

Please feel free to join PADI in congratulating the 2014 PADI award winners for doing an outstanding job!

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