5 Reasons to Go Digital with PADI

padi-digital-productsThe PADI Digital Product Suite is a collection of industry-leading products designed to modernize and enrich the learning experience of students and PADI Professionals. Here are 5 reasons why you should make the switch from paper to digital, if you haven’t already…

#1 – It’s the way divers learn today.

These days, many customers are permanently attached to their digital devices: mobile phones, tablets and laptops. By offering PADI’s Digital Products, you’ll be able to offer these students a fully interactive and highly engaging way of learning that will live up to their modern day expectations of learning in the fast paced digital world.

The Benefit to You: Engaged customers will enjoy their experience and be more likely to recommend your business!

#2 – You’ll have the flexibility to order on-demand.

PADI Digital Products can be purchased through the PADI Online Shopping Cart, (available via the PADI Pros’ Site), so you’ll be able to enjoy 24/7 access 365 days a year.  Being as the products will appear in your PADI Online Processing Center account almost instantly you’ll be ready to register your next student without interruption – anytime of the day or night. This means you can order products to suit your student’s demands.

The Benefit to You: Purchasing materials as and when you need them and removes the need to tie up business resources in supplies of extra stock.


#3 – No shipping means less costs.

Due to PADI Digital Products being digital, it means there’s no paper involved – the products are delivered to you electronically via the Online Shopping Cart/Sales Department and PADI Online Processing Center and from there, delivered to your student via the PADI Library App.

The Benefit to You: No physical product means no need to ship products, which reduces overheads and helps keep your costs to a minimum.

#4 – Staff and students will benefit from enriched teaching opportunities.

With interactive content, quizzes, videos and intuitive gesture-based navigation, PADI Digital Products offer an enriched learning experience. Excited students are usually waiting for knowledge development to finish so they can get to the water, but with this engaging way of learning, they’ll be immersed in the theory and potentially tricky topics will be transformed into a fun experience for everyone.

The Benefit to You: Not only does it lead to more effective teaching schedules but students will want to keep on learning – and diving – with you!

#5 – It’s kinder to the environment.

With the ever-growing impact of conservation charities such as Project AWARE, and with divers’ being encouraged from all sides to protect and preserve the natural environment, it makes sense for Dive Centers to conduct themselves in line with the greener values of the diving community. By using PADI Digital Products, you’ll be using less paper, and using less paper will reduce physical waste as well as help to save the world’s rainforests.

The Benefit to You: You and your customers will appreciate – and feel good about – being able to teach and learn in a way which reduces the impact on the environment.


Are You Now Ready to Go Digital?

Make sure you’re familiar with what’s available by reading the PADI Digital Product Suite brochure or contact your PADI Sales Department  – (tel + 61 2 9454 2888) for more information and to order. Don`t forget you can order anytime from the PADI Online Shopping Cart – log onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click Shop Online.



The PADI Quality Difference

PADI logoIs PADI the same as other diver training agencies?

Some dive training agencies claim they are the same, but there is only one PADI.

With more than 135,000 PADI Members offering the highest quality diver training through 6,300 PADI Dive Centres, PADI is clearly the world’s most successful and professional dive training agency. The PADI family continues to grow and PADI proudly welcomed 1200 new Individual members and 71 new Resort and Retailer members for the month of April 2015.

PADI has been offering superior products and service in the dive industry since John Cronin and Ralph Erickson founded the company in 1966. Almost 50 years later, the PADI Educational System, PADI Educational Products, PADI Business Support, PADI Employees and more importantly, the quality PADI Members like you, have lifted PADI to different level from all of our competitors.

PADI works 365 days of the year generating more than 1 Billion impressions of our quality brand to ensure consumers who want to learn to dive seek out a PADI Dive Centre. This is why you often hear customers say ‘I want my PADI’.

Thank you to all of our PADI Members in Region 12 who do a great job teaching the world to dive and ensuring every customer has the opportunity to get their PADI.

Written by PADI Regional Manager Johnny Chew

Congratulations New PADI Recreational Facility, Orca Scuba

orca scubaCongratulations to Orca Scuba who became a PADI Recreational Facility in June 2015.

“We are a professional scuba diving company which focuses on high quality high safety and high satisfaction for all your diving adventures. From beginners to professionals, if you want to start your dive career, continue your education, or just want to organise a fantastic diving holiday, we can help you every step of the way with our tailor made packages to suit your needs and your schedule.

We have an experienced, professional and dedicated team to help you fulfil your dive ambitions, consisting of PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructors and professional underwater photographers. They are passionate about diving, the ocean and conservation and want to pass on all their experiences and knowledge to you.”

PADI Dive Centers are professional businesses that engage in the retail sale of recreational scuba diving equipment and instruction. PADI Dive Centers demonstrate a commitment to the PADI system of diver education by offering PADI certification courses and experience programs. Other services they provide include recreational scuba equipment rental and repair, compressed air sales, recreational scuba diving and snorkeling activities, and travel opportunities

Find out more about Orca Scuba:

Website: http://www.orcascuba.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/orcascuba

For information about becoming a PADI Dive Centre, contact PADI Retail and Resort Association Manager, Mark Cummins – mark.cummins@padi.com.au

HMS Hermes not your average Dive!

HMS Hermes
HMS Hermes

Where in the world can you dive on an Aircraft Carrier? Well there are not too many places. Sri Lanka or also formerly known as Ceylon happens to be one of them.

first purposely build Aircraft Carrier

the HMS Hermes was the very first purposely build Aircraft Carrier planed and was under the Royal British Navy during the First World War. She was launched in September 1919 and therefor already to late to see any action during World War 1.

attacked  by Vice Adminarl Nagumo 

In 1942 the Japanese fleet under Vice Admiral Nagumo, who was also responsible for the attack on Pearl Harbor, has ordered a massive attack on Ceylon and the British Navy. Despite the knowledge of the attack,  the HMS Hermes and her supporting vessels could not defend herself against more than 80 Japanese Zero fighters and was sunk in less than an hour with the loss of the Captain, 19 officers and another 288 brave Seaman near the Beach of Batticaloa Sri Lanka.

HMS Hermes
HMS Hermes

Despite the historical importance it was nearly impossible to dive the HMS Hermes until recently. Reason for that was the over 30 year Civil War in the northern part of Sri Lanka who just finished in 2009.

diving the HMS Hermes

Now finally the Hermes has become possible for divers who travel to Colombo International Airport and then take a taxi or Mini Bus for another 7 to 8 hours to Batticaloa.. The HMS Hermes is lies on her Port side at about 52m with fantastic visibility. The Wreck is till full of fantastic features like Emergency Light Balls, Glass in the windows, the nearly almost intact control tower. The Wreck also serves as a Museum and a tribute to the Man who lost there lives serving on her.

Since the Wreck is quiet deep, the best and only way to dive on it is to obtain a PADI TEC REC Course prior to visiting Sri Lanka. Felician Fernando a Local TEC REC Instructor who has more than 700 Dives on the Hermes and, owner of Sri Lanka Diving Tours PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Center,  has a small Dive Center and Guest House to serve Groups with Comfort and Logistics who want to visit the Hermes.

HMS Hermes
HMS Hermes

HMS Hermes Facts:

Length:      182,9m

Beam:          21,4m

Sunk:          2 April 1942

Depth         52 + m

best time to dive:     April – September

visibility:        20 + m often more

Diving:       TEC Diving, Technical Rebreathers

Product Announcement: PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Student Manual

The PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Student Manual is available now in Japanese for PADI Asia Pacific Members! (Product Code: 70491J).

The PADI Sidemount & Tec Sidemount Diver Pak contains the student manual and Paper or Online PIC (Product Code: 70491JSP/P70491JSP)

Related Products Also Available in Japanese:

  • Recreational Sidemount Instructor Outline – Product Code: 70490J
  • Tec Sidemount Instructor Outline – Product Code: 71055J

sidemount manual

Follow these links for more information on the PADI Recreational Sidemount Course and for the Tec Course.

For more information – contact the PADI Sales Department  (Tel + 61 2 9454 2888) or remember you can order anytime from the Online Shopping Cart by logging onto the PADI Pros’ Site and click ‘Shop Online’.

World Oceans Day 2015: Project AWARE explains the Ugly Journey of our Trash

How does our trash make its way from land to sea? Project AWARE’s new animated infographic explains the ugly journey, and shines light on the dangers our litter poses to marine ecosystems and wildlife along the way. While the marine debris issue may at first appear daunting, there is hope! With our underwater skill set, the dive community is uniquely positioned to contribute to global solutions by participating in Dive Against Debris, Project AWARE’s year-round underwater debris removal and reporting program.

We all want a healthy ocean and healthy planet – join Project AWARE in the fight against marine debris – become a Debris Activist this World Oceans Day and all year long!


Our ocean is under siege. From everyday trash like plastic bags, food wrappers and drink bottles, to larger items like car batteries, kitchen appliances and fishing nets, our debris is entering the sea at an alarming rate. Our ocean has become a dumping ground.

Marine debris is not only unsightly, it’s dangerous to sea life, hazardous to human health, and costly to our economies. Marine animals can become entangled in debris or mistake small particles of trash for food – often with fatal results. Divers, swimmers and beachgoers can be directly harmed by encounters with debris or its toxins. And, the costs of plastic debris to marine ecosystems are estimated at 13 billion dollars a year. Better information about sources and impacts is extremely important to drive changes in infrastructure and waste management policies at all levels.

Who is responsible? All of us. Together we can help prevent and clear up this mess for a clean, healthy ocean planet.

Award Season In Indonesia

Its that time of year again. Its award season, you have the BAFTA Awards, Oscars, Golden Globe and PADI’s Outstanding Contribution Awards.

Below is a list of the winner for 2014 Indonesia. Congratulation!

7seas International #22029

In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Entry Level Training 2014

Adventure Scuba Diving  Bali #6808

In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Entry Level Training 2014

Blue Corner Dive 22557
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Continuing Education 2014

Blue Marlin Komodo 23761
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Continuing Education 2014

Bali Crystal Divers 6073
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Specialty Training 2014

Oceans 5 21849
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Specialty Training 2014

Trawangan Dive 36058
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Diver Training 2014

Bali Scuba 6522
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Instructor Development 2014

Joe’s Gone Diving 63135
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Diving Industry 2014

Blue Marine 6202
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Diving Industry 2014

AquaMarine Diving – Bali 6344
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Diver Training 2014

Diversia 22139
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Diver Training 2014

Liberty Dive Resort 24039
Best Newcomer 2014

Blue Marlin Dive Centre 16941
In Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education 2014

Congratulation to everyone. Not only should this be a great sense of achievement, but also a great marketing tool. These awards will make you an “Award Winning” Dive Centre or even for some a “Muti-Award Winning” Dive Centre.

No long speeches please, but feel free thank your outstanding staff and handsome RM.