Reminder: Student Details Required

PADI LogoVertColorWe strive to promptly process all PADI DSD registrations, PADI Diver / PADI TecRec / PADI Pros certification and EFR course completion cards. Unfortunately, this is sometimes delayed by missing student details, which causes us to have to interrupt processing and contact the dive shop or the instructor for accurate information to ensure student details in PADI records are correct. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to PADI Quality Management action.

Please remember that PADI requires* you to provide the participant / student / applicant’s own contact details, incl. their correct postal address and their own email address (not the instructor’s or the store’s). Submitting dive centre / instructor contact details as if they are those of the student circumvents our quality management efforts and is a violation of PADI Standards.

The correct postal and email address details are required for quality assurance and diver safety purposes so PADI can efficiently and effectively communicate (by sending out Course Evaluation Questionnaires, or CEQs) to help maintain PADI’s high standards for diving safety. Failure to comply with the requirement gives the Customer Service (Certifications) team no alternative but to pass on this concern to the PADI Quality Management department for action.

NOTE: your customer can choose to not receive non-quality management communications from PADI Offices and/or PADI Partners; you cannot make this decision on their behalf; in the case of a minor, the parent or guardian may opt out.

*Resources of related PADI Standards and requirements:

  • Training Bulletin First Quarter 2013, page 2 – Email Addresses Required
  • Training Bulletin Third Quarter 2013, page 6 – Required Email Address FAQs
  • PADI Membership Agreement, article 6: “I agree to provide PADI with true and correct student/participant contact information, including the student’s proper mailing address, when I submit any certification authorization or participant registration (PIC envelope, application or registration card…”

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