Uniforms: Creating the Professional Look

PADI LogoIn the diving industry we need to be different; to look unique so we stand out from crowd. A uniform represents your brand and is a display of professionalism, team work and discipline.

For PADI Dive Centre Owners and Managers, if your team does not have a uniform, you should consider looking into it. Uniforms need not be complicated or costly. Use t-shirts or polo shirts you already have in your inventory and have the word ‘Staff’ embroidered clearly in a prominent location. Uniforms should make your staff easily identifiable to customers and should also be a reflection of your brand.
From a business aspect, uniforms are a great form of advertising. When staff venture outside of your shop, so does your logo and branding. This is why it is important to have your logo clearly displayed on the uniform and to ensure it is neat and presentable. Ensure the uniform is branded with your Dive Shop’s colours and logos.Divers on boat

Generally, uniforms are well-received by employees. Not only will is save them money (whether you provide them free or at a discounted rate), it will also give your team a sense of unity and responsibility. Being easily identifiable as an employee of the Dive Centre, employees will see themselves as ambassadors, in turn this will positively impact on their service quality.

Uniforms should also be designed to take into account the role your staff play. T-shirts are great for sun protection and a consistent appearance, however, you could also consider branding hats, jackets and mask straps to help protect instructors from weather conditions and to incorporate your branding into their workwear more. Divers are known to love their memorabilia – something that may be great as a uniform could also end up being a best seller among your customers!

For more information on how you can incorporate the PADI logos, please contact your PADI Regional Manager.

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