Professional Image Evaluation service

PADI is offering a Professional Image Evaluation of your PADI Five Star Dive Resort.

Upon completion of this Professional Image Evaluation you will be given a sticker and a digital badge to use for advertising. Basically this is a high quality control stamp from PADI.

Professional Image Evaluation certificate
Professional Image Evaluation certificate

Benefits of the this Five Star service

What is the value of an evaluation of your business? The most important answer is to view your facility through the eyes of your customers. Other reasons to conduct regular facility evaluations include:

  • Identity overlooked areas to improve.
  • Compare your facility to similar businesses in the local area
  • Provide better customer service
  • Identify areas that are working well
  • Use of the Professional Image Evaluation Form, to provide a comprehensive analysis of the physical appearance of the business

General – the Business component

How does the operation’s appearance compare with quality diving and non-diving retailers and/or resorts in the local area? Does the appearance exceed the local norm for dive businesses?

Overall Exterior Appearance

Easily identified as a dive business; inviting – clean, uncluttered and organized – windows clean – and other exterior areas are swept clean, free of trash, freshly painted, etc; well-lit and lights well maintained. Signage professionally prepared and consistent with the marketplace; conveys the correct image. Window displays are clean and organized, not sun bleached and promote diving lifestyle. Consistent operational hours are posted and the facility maintains those hours.

Overall Interior Appearance

Attractive and portrays the dive lifestyle; clean and organized. If you sell equipment; well stocked with complete selection of equipment including accessories to meet customer needs and encourage repeat business. Appropriate PADI member decal displayed and membership promoted. PADI courses and educational materials displayed and promoted, including eLearning.

Project AWARE materials (posters and brochures) displayed and accessible to customers.

Washrooms & Changing Rooms

Clean, neat and free of pronounced odor.


Modern audio-visual technology used (LCD projector/television, computer-based presentations). Clean and organized, and generally free of clutter. Layout is conducive to learning (away from distractions). Signage/displays promote diving lifestyle, continuing education, equipment ownership, dive activities/travel. Teaching aids and materials are present to conduct courses according to PADI standards.

Instructional/Rental Equipment

Area is clean and organized. Modern equipment that reflects current products sold. Appearance – clean, free of damage (rips, tears); replaced regularly. Properly maintained – regular cleaning and maintenance policy; service records maintained.

Repair Department

Clean and organized – items easy to find; tagging and logging system used. Proper tools including any manufacturer specialty tools and visual tank inspection equipment present.

Compressor and Air Fill Station

Fill station location convenient for customer’s convenience and is set up for customer safety; area is clean and free of debris and oil; well ventilated. Current analysis certificate displayed.


Travel and local diving schedule current and updated regularly. Scheduled activities promote the diving lifestyle, and include social events, non-diving events and community involvement. Regular customer communications (mailings, newsletters, email or others).


Inviting & informative. Easy to navigate; quick to load and intuitive in design. Information current and updated regularly. PADI membership rating promoted. Links are active & accurate. Is eLearning on your website as well?

Hotel Facility/Accommodations

Rooms are neat, clean and organized, with proper security. Friendly staff that reflect the professionalism of the business; clean and neatly dressed. Property is scuba friendly and easily accommodates divers and their equipment; rinse area for cleaning and drying equipment; equipment storage for customer use.

Dive Vessel(s)

Clean and organized – decks and passenger areas are clear of debris; tanks and other equipment properly secured. Emergency and Safety equipment available and in proper working condition (fire extinguisher, one personal flotation device per passenger, first aid kit, emergency oxygen, emergency signal devices, etc). Proper sized dive flag used when divers/snorkelers is in the water. Diver and passenger accountability procedure and system used.

Confined Water/Pool

Adequate for scuba education. Inviting and clean in appearance; clean and organized; rules clearly displayed. Clean and neat changing rooms available. Safety equipment is easily assessable. Equipment rinse area available; clean and organized.


Appearance – clean and well groomed; reflect the professionalism of the business. Easily identified by uniform or maybe name tag. Customer Interactions – customers treated with respect and courtesy, and greeted upon entry. Knowledgeable about the products and services offered; service issues handled directly and promptly.

Diver Training

In-store schedules current and regularly updated. Flexible class schedule providing a variety of options including eLearning.

Continuing education displays and promotion present throughout the business. Con-ed counselling sessions promoted and scheduled.

PADI training materials used as designed, including a personal set of materials for each student.

General – the Training component

Should you be happy with the business evaluation and you find it beneficial, there is an additional part of the Professional Image Evaluation for training that you can sign up for. At a later date there can be an additional training part overseeing parts of a PADI course (see below) or a dive safari or live aboard trip.

  • Preparation
  • Briefing
  • Confined
  • Open Water
  • Debriefing
  • Overall course handling

How is this program actually conducted?

The following guidelines have been developed to offer clarification to the various Professional Image Evaluation Form criteria and assist with the fair evaluation of the public image your business portrays.

You are encouraged to make regular use of the Professional Image Evaluation Form as a self-assessment tool. It is not for PADI to police or point a critical finger at the business. It’s a positive guideline for you to use and improve your business as you see fit. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes, looking at the business, can be very useful.

PADI will use all of the categories for a very thorough and comprehensive analysis or to target specific areas of your business that you want to focus on.

The local Regional Manager and the store owner or manager will together conduct the evaluation and you can expect that each comprehensive component will take 2-3 hours to complete. You can expect to take a very active part in the evaluation.

Should you, after reading this, have an interest in availing of this Five Star service, please contact your local Regional Manager for a future appointment or if you just like more information.

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