2016 PADI Business Academies

PADI-Business-Academy-Lo-ResGet ready to gear up for another PADI Business Academy season in 2016. PBA’s are designed to arm you and your staff with the cutting edge strategies needed to increase customer acquisition and improve profitability, as well as ignite growth in all operational aspects.

2016’s Business Academies highlight the importance of understanding and evolving your business model to meet the needs of today’s customers, and will look at the impact of technological advancements on consumer demands and expectation.

Sheridan Hatcher, Marketing Executive, maintains that a key feature of the Asia Pacific Business Academies will be the strong “focus on the ongoing PADI staff follow-ups and close working relationships with attendees to help achieve the business goals set over the course of the program. These goals are chosen by attendees from the topics and business opportunities discussed over the two day.”

2016 Business Academy Schedule:

Business Academy Dates
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 24th – 25th February
Seoul, South Korea 28th – 29th March
Bangkok, Thailand 17th – 18th May
Bali, Indonesia 7th – 8th June
Cebu, The Philippines 19th – 20th October

Register today for one of Asia Pacific’s Business Academies in 2016 or contact your Regional Manager or Charlotte Seller; charlotte.seller@padi.com.au for further information.

Venues to be confirmed.

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