Tools for Reference

Ever wondered what goes on the cockpit of a commercial flight before take-off? Yes, you guessed it, a checklist. The Captain and First Officer go through the checklist making sure that all systems are ready to go and in working condition.  Why do they have to?  This is to ensure they covered all safety aspects, comfort and eliminating unnecessary debacles during flight.

This is much like us as PADI Professionals. People come to us to experience adventure, they understand the risk they are taking and are depending on us to keep them safe and teach them fully to become competent divers.


As the world’s leader in diving, PADI knows your needs to have such a tool to ease your work and responsibilities is important. Hence, the available slates in the teaching tools list.  The necessary slates are given to you during your PADI Professional Courses.  These slates are not just to help you pass the Course, it is there to be part of your career and helping you conduct your day to day activities.

If you are a PADI Divemaster, giving a briefing for a dive is second nature. Yes, we commonly by-heart the whole briefing and need no reference.  However, there are times that you might have forgotten something either because something distracted you or a bad hair day.  When this happens, there is a possibility that the info missed could jeopardize the Divers’ safety.  Definitely that’s not what you want but think of the drama that can unfold.  Not only that, think about the litigation consequences.


What about Instructors? “Hmm…. I have done 1,000 students and memorised all needs to be done in Confined Water Training and Open Water Training Dives.  I don’t need the extra weight on my bag or my BDC.”  Well, same scenario, something distracted you or a bad hair day and you forgot to run the simple “snorkel for regulator exchange” drill in the PADI Open Water Diver Course?  Though simple, skills such as these are important that Student Divers learns for their safety. Again, think about the consequences and like the scenario above, the possible litigations.

The Key Point to remember is, we are human beings and we make mistakes, so lets us all try our best to eliminate unnecessary mistakes by using checklist or in our case as PADI Professionals slates that are readily available. To refresh your memory of what are the slates available, please check out the latest 2016 Pricelist and online shopping cart or speak with PADI Training & Sales Consultants or your Regional Managers.

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