PADI ReActivate™ Now Available in More Languages


Great PADI ReActivate™ News – English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian languages are now available with more languages coming soon. This great product is meant as a useful tool for instructors to get inactive divers back in the water as happy divers.

So what does this mean for you?

How often do you find yourself conducting guided dives with divers who are a little rusty? Even though they have not booked time with a PADI Divemaster, during the dive you help them polish their buoyancy skills and remind them of some key concepts.

Wouldn’t it be great if they came to you with updated knowledge and an expectation of diving with a PADI Divemaster or Instructor and improving their skill level?

Well now you can make this happen with ReActivate in 5 languages, with more languages coming soon.

When the diver books with you, ask them when their last scuba dive was and offer them a ReActivate should they want to refresh their skills. They can start ReActivate at home so when they get to you they just need to go diving.

Simply put, the best way to ReActivate diving skills is to get in the water and dive, rather than having to make time for a confined water session. After the diver has completed the short Academic session there are only few mandatory skills and then the rest of the skills are prescriptive.

Using this great Touch product, Reactivate, means they don’t have to participate in any lengthy classroom sessions, creating more time to go diving.

You just need to select an initial dive site that is going to provide a nice safe environment to blow away the cobwebs.

Some useful tips:

  • When redeeming the code, you will need to select a language option.
  • ReActivate Product No. 71926-1
  • ReActivate Marketing tools – Visit & download the ReActivate Marketing information on PADI Pros’ Site > Toolbox > Marketing > PADI Re-Activate.

Do divers want this product?

A recent PADI survey asked divers what would get them back in the water if they had not been diving for a while. Two popular responses were: “a refresher course that I can complete quickly” and “a prescriptive approach that refreshes only what I’ve forgotten.”

PADI has created a great product alongside an incredible program to get YOUR divers back into YOUR shop.

Provide them the opportunity to ReActivate. Once the diver had finished ReActivate, the instructor will register the program and the diver will receive a new certification card at the present certification level with a ReActivate remark in the bottom of the card.

How do I get this product?

You can purchase ReActivate on the Online Shopping cart on the PADI Pros’ site or you can contact PADI’s Sales Support team on to purchase the ReActivate Touch manual that comes as a code you will provide to your customer.

Is there any credit in it for the instructor?

Yes, actually there is. You will receive credit for one Open Water Diver certification for every five ReActivate programs completed with divers. This is in line with the system that is well known from Discover Scuba Diving credits.

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