Most Valuable Dive Staff, Indonesia 2016

The nominations are in and the winners have been chosen. The annual “Most Valuable Dive Staff” for Indonesia have been named.

Winner – Most Valuable Dive Centre Manager

Philippa SullyBig Bubble Dive

Nominated by Anna Walker.


In her first year as manager of Big Bubble Dive, not only has Philippa kept her place in the first pool instructors, but she managed to run a dive shop completely by herself too.

Philippa has kept the atmosphere of Big Bubble completely chilled and nice with a great team of staff but with lots of hard work on her part, all the while keeping on top of the PADI goal for growth marketing challenge. This has helped us have a great year with more and more pre bookings. 

I cannot rate her enough for some kind of recognition from PADI too, as I know we are only a small shop, but she has done amazing for Big Bubble Dive whilst maintaining her first pool status amongst instructors. It’s the first time I have allowed a manager to be in the first pool and was done as a trial – but she has proved she is more than capable and in my opinion – she deserves a well done from PADI too…….” – Anna Walker

Winner – Most Valuable Dive Instructor

Sandra Demonti, Ceningan Divers

Nominated by Robert Scales.


Sandra is the hardest working PADI Instructor I have met! She is our team MVP! Sandra is a role model to our team, hardworking: First one in, last one out. She is a mentors to us all, she make sure we follow the strictest standards. The entire dive team refers back to her on teaching or diving related questions and issues. Sandra is always available to help our guests and DMCs, but most importantly she does this because she loves what she does and she is at her best leading by example both in the classroom and underwater. She handle and teach our guests in 6 languages, she is a positive force for new comers to the diving world and share her nation and love of diving with her students. Sandra is selfless, she gives and ask for nothing in return. She is a beacon of hope when things are looking hard, and she has patience beyond comprehension. She gives personal attention to all of our guests and students, making sure they learn how to dive properly and follow the PADI standards to the letter.” – Robert Scales

Winner – Most Valuable Divemaster

KiiKii AKA Hengly Tamalonggehe, Misool Eco Resort

Nominated by Mark Atkinson


Hengly Tamalonggehe (Kiikii) has been working for Misool Eco Resort for the past three years and is a passionate, charismatic, and kind-hearted individual.

Starting as a Maintenance Assistant with the company he has quickly progressed through various promotions working towards his ultimate goal of Divemaster with exceptional focus and tenacity. This process not only included teaching himself conversational English within six months of his arrival on the island so that he could take on the role of Snorkel Guide but also studying his PADI books and developing his diving skills in his free time.  Having just recently achieved his goal of becoming a Certified PADI Divemaster through many skill repetitions and dive experience, Kiikii has developed into a dependable, safety and customer orientated, and essential member to our team.

As a dive guide, Kiikii maintains a watchful eye while discovering tiny critters to amaze his guests. He has shown an amazing knack for pleasing each and every person that he dives with to make sure they have the very best time possible, ensuring that they witness many of the species that aren’t easily found in other locations.  He makes it his personal responsibility to make his guests feel welcome, in one case learning various greeting phrases in Russian and another time learning French while he nannied for two young girls that he took snorkeling every day.

Being from the local area, Kikii also delights in leading our guests on various tours and sharing his knowledge of Misool.  He takes guests to the nearby village where they walk around, visit the school that our company sponsors, and meet the locals.  He also enjoys leading the cultural tour that visits some sacred caves and has a couple of pictograph locations dated back to around 4000- 5000 years ago.  It’s wonderful to listen to him speak of their heritage and of their future as a community.

All around Kikii has the most amazing and charismatic persona that leaves everyone around him loving life and the oceans.” – Mark Atkinson

Winner – Most Valuable Staff

Ketut Juli Antara, Scuba Centre Asia

Nominated by Kim


“Juli started working for us 1 year ago. He came to the company with no English vocabulary besides the basic ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘I don’t know’ and wanted to work in the resort bar. Because of his charm we gave him a chance to start working in the bar and quickly he started teaching himself how to speak English and became the best bar man of the team. After a few months he showed a lot of interest in the diving part of the company so he moved over and start working as a boat-boy and tank-boy. His curiosity about scuba diving increased and after months of in-house training, late hours studying after working hours – through his eagerness & willingness to learn, he became a PADI Rescue diver 1 day ago and is starting the PADI Divemaster course.

Juli to us is definitely the most suited candidate for winning “the most valuable employee of the year”. A true transformation from a local boy with no experience whats however and who didn’t speak any English but through his strong will, hard work and eagerness to learn, he became a true team-spirit and charm of Scuba Center Asia. He managed to work himself up and is starting the PADI Divemaster program so in a couple of months he can transform and inspire others to become a PADI diver. A true accomplishment if you ask us.” – Kim

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and keep up the amazing work – you rock.

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