Review of PADI Business Academy – Outbound Chinese Tourism

All photos supplied by Legend Diving Lembongan

Following their attendance the the PADI Business Academy – Outbound Chinese Tourism in Bali, Ricardo and Isabel from Legend Diving Lembongan wanted to review their experience, to let others know what they got out of it.

Q: Why did you decide to attend a PADI Business Academy – Outbound Chinese Tourism?

A: Having a Chinese PADI Instructor as part of our team has been very useful in setting up our Chinese social media channels and they have an understanding of how to communicate with this audience. However, the PADI Marketing Department knows how best to penetrate the Chinese market and communicate with those interested in the diving industry.

Q: What did you learn about at PBA – OCT? 

A: We got many tips on how to improve the performance of our Chinese social media platforms and ways to make our existing website more visible amongst the Chinese market. 15288619_1153313118116539_5978391683554868616_o

QHow do you see Legend Diving Lembongan benefiting from the things you learnt? 

A: The Chinese market is a huge source of customers ready for the diving industry. Legend Diving Lembongan is located in an area frequented by Chinese Tourists. We now have all the important tools to be ready to conquer this market. 15230784_352762705085074_8514058374192694041_n

Q: What would you say to any other PADI Member thinking about attending a future PBA – OCT? 

A: Update yourselves, learn the trends and market demands, and get ready for it.

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