My PADI Club™ Complete Pro Benefits

5 Mar


In case you haven’t surfaced in a while, here’s a quick overview of the all-new My PADI Club.

  • Accessible from any device, My PADI Club is a digital platform that makes it easier for consumers to start diving and for divers to keep exploring and sharing their passion for diving.
  • Divers connect with other like-minded divers, share dive experiences, track dives, find the information they need to continue diving and save money on dive gear and training with PADI Members.
  • It gives divers the online tools, community support, expert advice, information and savings they need to become lifelong divers and aquatic world ambassadors.

In a nutshell, My PADI Club is an opportunity for the dive industry to work together to attract more people to the sport and turn them into lifelong diving ambassadors. It specifically addresses barriers to new diver enrollment and key reasons why divers become inactive. Here are five major benefits for dive pros of all stripes:

Pro Benefit 1: Grow Your Business

My PADI Club is your solution to attracting and retaining more divers. It encourages consumers to go diving and continue their dive education with you. My PADI Club increases your sales by offering customers discounts on equipment purchases and PADI courses as powerful incentives to buy equipment and training. The My PADI Club gear discounts are supported by top dive industry manufacturers including Aqua Lung, Cressi, Fourth Element, Hollis, Lavacore, Oceanic, Sherwood Scuba, SCUBAPRO/UWATEC, SUUNTO, and TUSA.

My PADI Club members enjoy exclusive discounts, equal to the cost of membership, on training such as PADI eLearning® for divers on the continuing education ladder, or PADI ReActivate® for those who need a helping hand to get back into the active dive community and/or want to keep their skills up to date.

Pro Benefit 2: Earn More Money

My PADI Club offers a new revenue stream to all PADI Dive Centres , Resort and Professional members: You earn a commission for every diver you enroll. PADI Pros receive $5 US, PADI Dive Centres and Resorts receive $15 US, and PADI Five Star Dive Centres and Resorts receive $20 US. (These are US Dollar-based figures; international translations will follow.)

Pro Benefit 3: Strengthen Customer Relationships

My PADI Club connects Members directly with divers and students. The Buddy Finder and Dive Logbook can deepen customers’ connections to your dive shop if you encourage them to use these tools. Personalised Go Dive! Alerts allow you to select favourite dive sites and preferred conditions to make sure you never miss an opportunity to share a potentially great dive with customers again. Watch your customers’ journeys and stay connected to them along the way.

Pro Benefit 4: Gain Total Access

My PADI Club offers all these tools and features for free. That’s right, no need to pay for a subscription. As a PADI Professional Member, you get all the benefits simply by registering your information. Become a cornerstone of the largest community of divers in the world. Join the conversation, share your adventures and find new dive buddies.

Pro Benefit 5: Enjoy Free Advertising and Promotion

My PADI Club is a platform to promote events, find new customers and drive more business through your door. It’s essentially free access to millions of divers around the world. There’s free promotional space available; you can customise your profile image, make use of course contact forms and banner ads, and the Dive Site Locator  is seamlessly incorporated. There’s more coming, such as custom reports based on platform data that will help dive shops target and communicate with those divers particularly interested in specific offers.

The biggest benefit of all is that My PADI Club is born of experience gained from more than 50 years in the dive industry. It’s backed by research conducted by one of the world’s most respected independent research firms, and shaped by the voices of the customers to deliver exactly what divers are asking for. My PADI Club is a unique, best-in-class opportunity offering all PADI Members the essential tools every diving authority needs. It simply helps PADI Dive Centres, Resorts and Pros drive more repeat business, earn more money and build stronger relationships with customers.

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