New Digital Forms

Before conducting any PADI® course inwater activities, you must make sure student divers complete required administrative forms, such as PADI Release of Liability/Assumption of Risk/ Non-agency Acknowledgment Form – General Training or PADI Statement of Risk and Liability/Non-agency Acknowledgment Form – General Training, EU Version, the PADI Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding and the PADI Medical Statement (RSTC Medical form). Now, you can get this “paperwork” done efficiently online and manage it all in the PADI Online Processing Center (OLPC).

When a customer signs up for a PADI course, the dive center/resort or instructor uses the OLPC to send a digital invitation to the student to set up an account to receive digital forms and/ or an eLearning code. The student then receives the appropriate forms package for the course. This initial connection is a two-step process.

Getting Forms to Students

Step 1: Log on to the PADI Pros’ Site and go to the OLPC. There you’ll see two versions:

  • OLPC 2.0, the current OLPC without the digital forms option. Use 2.0 while you get comfortable with OLPC 3.0, or for processing non-English speaking students until digital forms become available in other languages.
  • OLPC 3.0, which has the new digital forms packages. In OLPC 3.0, go to Assign Codes, choose the eLearning code you want and whether you want to send digital forms.

Step 2: There are currently forms packages for: Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver, Specialty Diver, and Other Courses. If you select any of the first five, you finish Step 2 by simply clicking Send Forms and then Confirm. The digital forms packages are not available for all courses, yet, so if you selected Other Courses in Step 1, a drop-down menu appears with all other PADI courses. Choose the course you’re teaching, and Step 2 will default to select the No Forms option for you to Confirm – by selecting this option, the student must complete paper versions of the required forms.

Managing/Processing When Students Reply

To manage and process your students, log back on to OLPC 3.0. Under Process/View Your Students you’ll see several columns including:

First Name, Last Name, Course, Created Date, Forms, Action Date, and a column for Process or Manage.

Pay special attention to the Forms column. There, you will see a word or phrase, conveniently color coded, which describes what step of the process the student is in. Green means complete; orange and red require action.

If the student filled out all the information and digitally signed the required forms – in essence pre-populating the Positive Identification Certification (PIC) – with no need to have a physician sign the Medical Statement, you will see a green box with “Signed.” This indicates that the student is ready to be processed once all training is complete.

Here are a few other form status labels you may see, along with their meanings:

Status &  Label Meanings:

Waiver: The PADI Pro sent an invitation for the student to use digital forms, then the PADI Pro changed it to use paper, not digital, forms.

No Forms: The PADI Pro opted to use paper instead of digital forms when sending the invitation.

Email Sent: Digital forms have been sent to the student, but no action yet taken by the student.

Declined: The student received the digital forms, but declined to sign them. The PADI Pro contacts the student to find out what happened, and can then opt to change to paper forms, or resend the digital forms to the student.

Clearance Required: The student has answered “yes” to one or more medical statement question and must be cleared to dive by a physician.

The Process option allows you to complete your student processing as usual with certification card processing. The Manage option provides several options depending on the student’s status including Update, Upload/Clear for Primary Medical, and even Re-send Email. If a dive center or resort has its own forms for certain activities, those can be scanned and uploaded using the option labeled Add/Delete Additional Documents.

Additional languages are being developed for release soon. Until other languages are added, Members using non-English forms will continue to use OLPC 2.0. Stay tuned for more updates on digital forms in OLPC 3.0 and for other features as they are added.

New PADI digital forms are convenient and time-saving. You continue to have a paper option using printed forms or those on the PADI Student Record File.

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