Know Your Benefits of PADI Professional Membership

PADI Asia Pacific offers support, consultation and resources designed to help you succeed.

By partnering with PADI you receive:

  • Unparalleled educational programs that are instructionally valid and proven effective.
  • World-class brand recognition.
  • Unsurpassed customer service and dive business knowledge.
  • PADI staff in the field to support you.

Renewing your 2019 PADI Membership, if you already haven’t, ensures you’ll continue to receive these exclusive benefits including the below:

Brand Power – with the PADI System of Diver Education

Non-divers, certified scuba divers and scuba diving leaders seek the PADI brand more than any other. Ask any dive shop owner around the world and they’ll tell you that people don’t always ask to “learn to dive” rather they want to “get their PADI”. As a PADI Member, you are connected to the most recognised and respected brand in diving. Overwhelmingly, divers choose PADI when they look to get their dive certification.

Quality Educational Systems & Products

PADI Pros teach the most recognised and popular system of diver education in the world. As the leading diver training organisation, PADI has provided cutting edge teaching tools – best-in-class courses and materials for the past five decades. As we move into the next 50 years, PADI will be the market leader in digital learning, keeping pace with modern teaching methods and today’s consumer needs and demands. PADI eLearning offerings continue to expand with courses in up to 25 languages.

Better Employment Opportunities

As a PADI Professional, you have the most sought after credentials in the dive industry. There are over 6,500 PADI Dive Shops and Resorts around the world who have issued more than 27 million certifications combined. No other training agency comes close. No matter where you teach in the world, as a PADI Professional you will have better employment and career opportunities.

Superior Consultation, Resources & Customer Service

PADI Members benefit from having market leading consulting services and resources including: Regional Manager – A dedicated PADI representative for your region. Customer Services – Dedicated specialists providing you with unmatched support. Marketing – Comprehensive resources available to assist your marketing efforts. Legal & Risk Management – The industry’s most experienced legal experts. Quality Management – Experienced experts to ensure superior quality. Training & Sales – Experienced training and product consultants. 7 Day Tech Support – Dedicated technology specialists available 7 days a week.

Project AWARE & PADI Pillars of Change

Throughout its deep history, PADI has demonstrated along standing commitment to environmental conservation through its course offerings and alignment with organisations, such as the Project AWARE® Foundation, to protect and preserve our ocean planet. Along with this, PADI is committed to supporting social and environmental efforts through its Pillars of Change, designed to empower divers with information to get involved with causes they care about in tangible ways.

PADI Marketing Campaigns to Help You Succeed

Global and localised campaigns are implemented with varying goals but one clear purpose – to grow the diving industry and introduce more divers to you. Along with broader, global campaigns, each PADI Regional Headquarters implements many online and offline campaigns carefully targeted to non-divers or to existing divers who can continue their education.

Risk Management, Insurance and Legal Assistance

PADI is the only organisation to provide a full-time, in-house risk management staff to assist you in evaluating business practices, teaching techniques and prudent decision-making to enhance the safety and enjoyment of your customers and to help manage the risks associated with running a business, especially a dive business. Whether coaching staff, developing assumption of risk forms or assisting should an incident occur, the risk management team is available.

Member Events, Gift & Communications

Member forums, seminars, workshops, business academies, webinars and other PADI Member only events will help keep you informed and updated – with both physical and online support. When you renew your 2019 membership, you’ll receive a complimentary 2019 online version of the PADI Digital Instructor Manual in the new year. You also will get a subscription to The Undersea Journal®, including the quarterly training bulletin and Surface Interval emails.

PADI’s Pros & Online Services;

Exclusive access to the PADI Pros’ Site and online services including; Online Shopping, PADI Employment Board, Online Processing Center, Pro Chek™ and Dive-Chek®, PADI applications and documents, student counts and pro rating history, marketing resources and materials, training & development resources and more.

The above are just some of the many benefits you will receive as a PADI Member. Specific member benefits will depend on your PADI membership rating level to ensure you receive the best and most appropriate support.

Renew your 2019 PADI Membership to ensure you’ll continue to receive these exclusive benefits:

Contact PADI Customer Service if you have any questions.

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