Introductory Tips and Options for EVE Customer Relationship Management

EVE is PADI’s preferred Customer Relationship Management software package designed to improve the efficiency of running your Dive Centre, increase your sales (courses, retail, servicing, rental and trips) and maximise your profits.

Whether you are an existing EVE user or a PADI Dive Centre owner looking to improve your Customer Relationship Management, the below short webinars of information and tips will be of use.

Introduction to EVE

This video is an introduction to what EVE can do:

Marketing Your Divers

This video shows highlights some of the tools that EVE has to market to your customers:

How to Create a MailChimp Email Marketing Account and Link to EVE

This video shows how to create a MailChimp account and link it EVE:

How to Set up the Sales Options

This video shows how set up the sales options:

How to Use the Rentals and Servicing Option

This video shows how use the rentals and servicing options:

How to Use the Trips Options

This video shows how to use the trips options:

Stay tuned for more EVE Customer Relationship Management information and tips, or contact your PADI Regional Manager for further assistance.

Deliver the right message at the right time with EVE

TEveLogohe EVE Agent and Customer Search Wizard will help you deliver the right message at the right time to your divers.

Take, for instance, a group of divers who’ve certified today as PADI Open Water Divers. You can task EVE to:

  • Follow up automatically on the continuing education interests they expressed during the course
  • Promote the next step in their diving education during this course itself
  • Congratulate them on their achievement on the day they complete their certifying dives
  • Follow up 7 days later with an e-mail promoting the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course (or any other specialty program you feel is right for your store in your location)
  • Deliver further specific contacts at regular intervals as part of a ‘warm touch’ campaign
  • Send these divers information on the entry level dive equipment you recommend

“We’re up over 200% year to date on Advanced Open Water bookings and the major significant difference has been the use of the EVE.” Peter Letts, Abyss Scuba

And that’s not all. When these divers sign up for the PADI Advanced Open Water program that action can set in motion another series of messages:

  • Thanks for booking
  • Just 7 days to go
  • The equipment you’ll need is…
  • Congratulations
  • The next step is…

What’s more, when they purchase equipment, EVE can help you use that sale as a unique chance to promote further continuing education. A diver buying a BCD from you can be targeted with an e-mail encouraging them to sign up for the next PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy class you’re running, or a PADI Digital Underwater Photography promo can follow from a camera sale, and so on.

Moreover, all of these interests, purchases and certifications are tracked through EVE. Use EVE to find out which continuing education programs attract most divers in your store, which generate the most equipment sales and so on.

By using EVE to automatically segment your divers by certification level, by equipment ownership, by recorded interest, you can target the right divers at the right time with the right continuing education program that meets their needs and keeps them coming back to you.

To learn more about how to set up this targeted marketing campaign in EVE contact your PADI Regional Manager or email

Not an EVE user yet? Try the full working version of EVE for 60 days… free. Just contact

Operating In Sync with EVE

EveLogoImagine jumping into the water on your next dive with a first stage in your BCD pocket, a second stage in a goody bag, your SPG hanging from your weight belt and your alternate air source tucked into the neck of your exposure suit. Ridiculous, right? A regulator only functions correctly when all the parts are properly integrated and working together.

Similarly, a business only functions effectively when all administrative and operational parts are integrated and working together. Think about how many stores (perhaps even yours) manage a POS (point of sale) system, a CRM (customer relationship management) system, a website, an online store and a scheduling system. These functions are tedious and time-consuming when the information has to be entered, updated, tracked, monitored and managed separately. Obviously, integrating these into one system makes strong business sense because it yields time savings, reduces labor cost, increases customer service, boosts efficiency and streamlines marketing efforts.

An EVE database can be at the heart of those advantages. For example, suppose you enter just one course schedule into EVE. Depending upon what you want the system to do, EVE can update your calendar, website or online store. EVE will even automatically email the right customer group (those customers for whom that course would be their next continuing education step).

Now, suppose those customers receiving that email click on the link to your website, select the date best for them, sign up and pay for the course. Instantly, the bookings appear in your EVE database, update your class roster, manage your inventory levels and update your sale records. You don’t have to do any of this — EVE does it for you. That’s just one example of how using EVE can streamline and reduce costs for your business. Perhaps more importantly, EVE frees your time so you can do what EVE cannot do: excite people, take them in the water and transform their lives with scuba. That’s your job — but EVE lets you do that more and update data less.

Try EVE for free for 60 days by contacting the EVE team at and see how EVE, EVE Agent, EVE Websites and EVE OnLine can work for you.

PADI Members Attend EVE Seminars in Australia and New Zealand

EVE 12.7.13A total of 60 PADI Members representing 41 dive stores attended EVE workshops held in Sydney, Auckland, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane from 24th June to 5th July, 2013.   They joined EVE program creators for the hands-on workshops which highlighted key tools to help increase sales and save time, using the latest version – EVE 5.8.

EVE – Electronic Virtual Employee, developed by ISSYS – is the complete business management system, designed exclusively for the management of PADI dive centres and resorts.

Presented by Ian Sykes, Director of ISSYS, the one day program included the following topics:

  • Driving Equipment Sales
  • Inquiries/Auto Email Agent Workshop
  • Data mining
  • Using EVE 5.8 With PIC Online
  • Service Module
  • Delivering Promotional Messages
  • Converting Rentals to Sales
  • Reporting and Analysis Tools
  • Increasing Travel Sales

EVE (2) 12.7.13The program also covered the new marketing tools available in 5.8; all designed to increase business from new and existing customers alike.

“The focus of the EVE seminars was simple,” explains Ian Sykes, “increasing diver retention to help improve sales in the store.  Every PADI store owner and manager who attended left with a series of short, practical steps to implement in their operation that were designed to do just that.”

Among the attendees were non-users, new users and long term users of EVE – the overwhelming feeling was that the seminars were hugely beneficial and will help their operations to improve in many areas, particularly entry level and con-ed certifications.

“It’s always a delight to get in front of store owners and help them maximise EVE’s potential. Their commitment of time and staff to the process is hugely appreciated by the PADI / EVE team and we’re sure the program will benefit the stores in their marketing, sales and online presence in the coming months.”

As the Sydney workshop drew to a close, Cherie Dodd – PADI Instructor from Let’s Go Adventures in Nelson Bay, NSW commented,

“Out of the water and into the shop, I was a novice using EVE – learning bits and pieces as needed. The EVE 1-day seminar held at PADI’s HQ helped to build my understanding of the program and confidence in how to use its many features. Fellow attendees ranged from people who had never used EVE through to business owners that had been using for years, yet we all worked well together and learned from each other as well as the two patient and passionate trainers.  I look forward to attending a future seminar after having time to put what I have learned so far into practice.”

“After using EVE for years as a customer database I now have the tools to take full advantage of what EVE can offer our business,” says Claire Murphy, PADI Course Director and Training Manager at Dive & Ski HQ, Wellington, NZ following the Auckland Seminar.

 “Our ability to utilise EVE and contact customers with service reminders, upcoming trips and course information is invaluable. The ongoing support from ISSYS as I implement these new systems has been fantastic”

EVE (3) 12.7.13Tristan Coombes, PADI Divemaster from Batavia Coast Diving Academy, who flew 400kms from Geraldton in Western Australia to attend the Perth Seminar, had this to say: “Really enjoyed the workshop last week, learned a lot about communication with emails especially utilising the PADI templates that are sent out. Thanks for setting it up, it was worth the trip down.”

PADI would like to congratulate Members who attended the EVE seminars on their positive approach to running their business using today’s latest technology.

Attendees left saying how beneficial the seminar was, how much they are looking forward to practising what they were shown and how they will be committing more time to teaching staff about EVE’s potential.

For further information on EVE, email to:  visit the ISSYS website at  or contact your PADI Regional Manager.