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Freediving is one of the fastest growing dive industry segments and PADI Freediver courses provide members with new revenue-generating opportunities and offer a pipeline for capturing younger customers. To help seat the program, there are global instructor training courses along with efficient crossover programs for freediving instructors from other training organisations.

Alejandro Lemus, Underwater Explorer and PanAmerican Free Diving Champion says, “The PADI Freediver program offers high quality training and has the best value standards for both instructors and students. PADI will bring a new level of consciousness into the sport that we’ve never seen before.”

PADI is promoting the Freediver program through athletic endorsements and event sponsorships. Additionally, promotions tap into the adventure travel market to drive awareness and conversion. You should target your marketing efforts toward similar audiences.

Visit the Freediver Toolbox on the PADI Pros’ Site for promotional and marketing collateral, including:

  • Free webinars and courses
  • Website banners and buttons
  • Freediver flyers
  • Training standards

PADI Retail and Resort Association Members should also check with their PADI Regional Headquarters for additional PADI Freediver promotional item availability.

Freediver Marketing Support

PADI Freediver™ Program Webinars

PADI Freediver

If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control.

The PADI Freediver program is complete with student materials and instructional tools that follow the PADI educational philosophy, which makes it easy for qualified PADI Professionals to quickly start teaching. Like all PADI courses, the program was bred from first-hand experience as industry experts and competitive freedivers played a critical role in its development. This key advisory group, including Jay Huang of Taiwan, Myoungho Noh of South Korea, Oli Christen of Indonesia, Liz Parkinson of the Bahamas and Alejandro Lemus of Mexico, worked closely with the PADI organization to establish a freediving training curriculum that addresses technique, form and safety for nearly any experience level.

The PADI Freediver tiered course structure has participants build upon their skill sets and knowledge as they advance from PADI Freediver to PADI Advanced Freediver and, ultimately, PADI Master Freediver. The program provides three corresponding instructor levels (Freediver Instructor, Advanced Freediver Instructor and Master Freediver Instructor), as well as a Freediver Instructor Trainer rating. There is also a subset program called Basic Freediver where students earn a certification in confined water.

PADI Asia Pacific will also be conducting a series of Freediver Program seminars, Instructor and Trainer Orientations for professionals from other training orgnisations and special launch PADI Freediver courses in various locations across the Asia Pacific territory. Please see additional announcements in the next few days for more information.

All PADI Freediver program materials will be translated into Chinese and Korean, and PADI will conduct launch programs in Korea and China in the first quarter 2016. There will also be other languages and launch programs announced in 2016.

You are invited to join us for live, interactive presentations of the PADI Freediver program. The presentation will provide you with an overview of all courses, core standards and requirements and prerequisites to gain the instructor ratings.

PADI Freediver Program  English 17 November 2015 6pm AEDT  click here to register
PADI Freediver Program  한국어 Korean 19 November 2015 4pm AEDT  click here to register
PADI Freediver Program  中文 Chinese 20 November 2015 8pm AEDT  click here to register

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