Inspirational PADI Women in Indonesia

Written by PADI Regional Manager, Jen Clent

As a PADI Regional Manager I am blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world and meet amazing individuals working in this incredible industry. Along the way I meet many outstanding people and its fantastic to see the female to male ratio gap decreasing all the time.

Among those are the women I had the pleasure of interviewing below, and as we head towards PADI’s 5th Women’s Dive Day I wanted to share their stories.

Meet Anna Walker – Anna recently celebrated 20 years living and working in the dive industry in Gili Trawangan. Anna owns 5 Star Dive Centre Big Bubble Dive in Gili Trawangan.

When and how did you first get involved in diving?

I took my Open Water Diver course in Koh Tao in 1999 and got hooked so when we flew to Indonesia, I headed to the Gilis as keen to take the Advanced Open Water Diver course. I got that in June 1999.

What is your current role in the dive industry?

I stayed in the Gilis eventually managing the shop where I did my advanced course. In return for being trained up to instructor level, I did the accounting and office manager job for 3 years. I then moved to Big Bubble Dive as the manager / instructor and eventually bought it in 2004. I am still the majority shareholder and working there now but also have 3 new business partners to help too. We just had Big Bubble’s 18 years birthday followed closely by my 20th “giliversary” as it was aptly named. 

What is your current PADI Rating?

Master Scuba Diver Trainer / Emergency First Response (EFR) / Dive Against Debris

What tips or advice would you give to someone who is thinking about a career in diving?

If it feels right – do it!! Even if you didn’t plan it (I didn’t) – follow your heart. 

What is your favourite part of working in the dive industry?

The people. Staff, instructors and even Dive Masters become like family as you are all away from home spending hours each day together as a team. Plus the guests – so many people over the years and so many friends made. 

Do you have a ‘bucket list’ dive destination you are dreaming of going to?

Maldives now as it was Raja Ampat, but I am finally going there in December all being well.

What attributes make you more successful in diving?

I like helping people – we are all different but deserve the same chances. Helping locals reach dive professional level, helping students (not mine as don’t teach anymore, but Big Bubble students) to talk about what’s upset them / tips to overcome their fears sometimes etc. And now after all these years, able to give advice to new instructors too. 

What is the next step in your diving career?

There is no step up for me as I have achieved more than I could have hoped already. To keep doing what I do despite being a single Mum and getting older (haha). Actually diving myself again would be good!! 

However for the dive shop, the next plan is to become an IDC centre in the future. An exciting new step

What has been your best moment in diving?

Buying Big Bubble – land based answer. Diving with manta rays – underwater answer. But getting a nervous / scared student to pass an open water course comes quite high up there too!

What will you be doing this PADI Women’s Dive Day?

Well we did a “drag queen” dive last year and it was hilarious as the local crew / instructors / few guests too dressed up in my daughter’s fancy dress stuff with bikinis, let a 6 year old do their make up and we all had a right laugh and funny photos of that dive, so we may do that one again or just round up some women and go fun diving…!

Meet Restuning Sandini – PADI’s first female Indonesian Course Director. Having recently returned from Kota Kinabalu’s Course Director Training Course (CDTC) programme, Restuning has hit the ground running and has already conducted several Instructor Development Course’s (IDC) whilst working for Two Fish Divers around Indonesia.

When and how did you first get involved in diving?

I was in Honduras over 15 years ago for my best friend’s wedding. As I had a few days, I went to Utila island to do her advice on an outdoor adventurous activity called scuba diving. I was hooked ever since!!! I realised then, I was a child of the ocean and submerge in it, makes me feel home.

What is your current role in the dive industry? 

Ah! I am working as the IDC/GoPro Manager at All Locations of Two Fish Divers in Indonesia. So I am hopping islands and dividing my time in different centres. I am also responsible for our local staff trainings, and also supervising our zero-to-hero internships program for Indonesians. We have some Indonesian girls too!

I enjoy teaching people diving, but mostly now I enjoy teaching people how to teach people! 

What is your current PADI Rating?

I am proudly a PADI Course Director. And I am thankful for many friends in the industry and people in my life who believe in me and support me to reach this far. It is not a solo project, it has shown me that PADI is supportive and the industry is thriving and solid. The amount of love was overwhelming. Couldn’t do it without them to come up to the top.

What tips or advice would you give to someone who is thinking about a career in diving?

There are sacrifices like other jobs. There are of course hard work and dedication needed, and mostly commitment to the industry and integrity. BUT it is possible to make a happy living and a fulfilling career out of it. Just stay true to our heart and be brave. Don’t try to fit into a box. We are the round pegs in the square holes. 

What is your favourite part of working in the dive industry?

The people! I get the chance to meeting adventurous people. Free-spirited humans! So inspiring. Learning something new everyday I am in the industry.

Do you have a ‘bucket list’ dive destination you are dreaming of going to?

YES! Too long list of beautiful destination! But I am sure, opportunity will come to tick those list one by one. I just enjoy wherever water and beach I am happen to be at the moment, and not focus too much on other places. 

What attributes make you more successful in diving?

Dare in being myself, and at the same time, accepting others to express their desire in this industry too. I treat it as a way of living, not just a job. 

My favorite quote from Van Gogh: “Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

 What is the next step in your diving career?

Bringing more Indonesian women into this career, and definitely showing the world that it is possible for a woman and a mother to have this career!!! 

With our cultural background, I’ve been told too many times that it is a career for only men. Not true!

What has been your best moment in diving?

When I looked in my student’s eyes and realized I just turned fear into passion. When I hear my students are happy, successful in their travelling and working in the industry. When more and more people come home to the ocean and care about it. 

What will you be doing this PADI Women’s Dive Day?

Diving, darlings! With my manicured nails, long eyelashes and colour coordinated dive computer! Haha. Doing what I love most, whilst embracing who I am:  A woman.

Meet Cindy Barhum, Cindy is 25 years old from Bunaken, North Sulawesi. She has been diving for only two years, but in that time she has logged over 500 dives, with around half of them being technical dives. She has been working as a dive guide for 1.5 years, and certified as a PADI Divemaster in March 2019. She overcame challenges, doing all of her technical dive training in English, which is her second language. She is also only one of a small handful of female dive guides in Bunaken, and could also possibly be one of the few female Indonesian technical divers in the country.

When and how did you first get involved in diving?

I completed my Open Water and Advanced courses in March 2017 in Raja Ampat. I liked the idea of diving because the first time I heard other divers talking about what they saw I wanted to see the same things. The ocean seemed like a whole other world, so I wanted to explore it.

What is your current role in the dive industry?

I work as a dive guide at 5 Star Dive Resort Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort. Located in Bunaken National Park we specialise in technical diving. In addition to guiding, I also assist on technical diving courses, manage the logistics on the dive boat, fill tanks, and help service the equipment.   

What is your current PADI Rating?

I am a PADI Divemaster and a PADI Tec 50 diver, and currently I am taking my PADI Rebreather Diver course on the Poseidon Se7en. After that I will be taking my PADI Trimix Diver course.

What tips or advice would you give to someone who is thinking about a career in diving?

Keep an open mind. You have to work hard, keep learning, and have commitment and real patience for what you are doing. You should enjoy your job, and you must have respect for the underwater environment. A career in diving is a very rewarding one.

What is your favourite part of working in the dive industry?

I have two great instructors who always support me, and I learn a lot of new things from them. When I see them teaching and tech diving, I know that I want to be like them one day.

Do you have a ‘bucket list’ dive destination you are dreaming of going to?

I am interested in shipwrecks, and I would really like to go wreck diving in the Red Sea, Egypt. Hopefully one day I will make it there.

What attributes make you more successful in diving?

It’s essential to have support from your dive centre. You will need to work hard, have a positive attitude, and a passion for diving.

What is the next step in your diving career?

At the moment I am training to become a rebreather and Trimix diver, and I will be guiding technical divers to deeper depths. In the future I would like to become a PADI instructor, and have my own dive centre in Indonesia.

What has been your best moment in diving?

I have so many great moments, as I get to meet interesting people from many different places, and show them a different world. My all-time favourite underwater moment was when I first tried technical diving.

What will you be doing this PADI Women’s Dive Day?

This PADI Women’s Dive Day I will be helping organise the rebreather try-dive day in our resort. On July 21st we will be offering free rebreather try-dives to all our eligible female guests, and I will be there in support of the instructors and the students.

Find out more about hosting a PADI Womens Dive Day event here.

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Instructor Development Update -2019 PADI Asia Pacific

Bonaire - Open Water Diver - PADI - Scuba Instructor

Calling all PADI Course Directors and IDC Staff Instructors, join us for the 2019 Instructor Development Update. This update is mandatory for all PADI Course Directors intending to teach the revised Instructor Development Course (IDC). It covers the new IDC standards and curriculum including a review of the new IDC eLearning program and other associated tools. This includes the PADI Course Director Manual, evaluation tools and lesson guides, various workshops that are now part of the IDC and comprehensive evaluation training on the new criteria for Knowledge Development and Confined and Open Water.

The Instructor Development Update will include refreshments and lunch with the exceptions of Hong Kong and Seoul.  Hong Kong and Seoul will start mid to late in the afternoon and run through into the evening with refreshments and dinner.

Topics include:

  • Overview of the Revised IDC and New Materials
  • Standards and Curriculum Overview
  • Using Your Digital Material
  • Evaluation Training – Knowledge Development
  • Evaluation Training – Confined and Open Water

Registration will be available online soon. In the meantime we suggest you select your preferred venue from the options below and secure the date in your calendar.

Instructor Development Update schedule:

Date Location Time Venue
14 Sep Bali, Indonesia 9:00 –
Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar
16 Sep Cairns, Australia 9:00 –
Holiday Inn Esplanade
18 Sep Sydney, Australia 9:00 –
Stamford Airport Hotel
25 Sep Auckland, New Zealand 9:00 –
Novotel Auckland Airport
1 Oct Koh Tao, Thailand 9:00 –
Regal Resort
3 Oct Phuket, Thailand 9:00 –
Alpina Phuket Nalina Resort
5 Oct Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 9:00 –
Holiday Inn Glenmarie
10 Oct Manila, Philippines 9:00 – 16:00 Belmont Hotel
12 Oct Cebu, Philippines 9:00 –
Pacific Cebu Resort
15 Oct Hong Kong 15:00 – 22:00 Cityview Hotel
17 Oct Shanghai, China 9:00 –
Intercontinental National Conference Centre
19 Oct Taipei, Taiwan 9:00 –
The Howard Hotel
4 NovJeju, South Korea 9:00 –
Bareve Hotel Jeju
5 Nov Seoul, South Korea 15:00 – 22:00 Olympic Parktel

Frequent Trainer Programme discounts apply to the CD Update programme fee. A comprehensive materials package is available for purchase at a very favourable price. The package includes materials required for conducting the PADI Instructor level courses and the new digital IDC Crewpak with IDC eLearning.

For more information contact PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Development at or any member of the PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Development department team.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sign up for 2019 Course Director Preparatory Course

As scuba diving becomes more and more popular in China the number of Chinese divers wanting to become PADI Instructors grows and fuels demand for Chinese Course Directors.

Becoming a PADI Course Director opens many doors for diving professionals and as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor you are already on your way.


To help you on your journey PADI will be conducting Course Director Preparatory Courses in 2019 (Please note that this Course is designed for the Chinese speaking members, and all presentations will be in Mandarin Chinese). This course is based on similar programmes in 2018. Attendance will enhance your Instructor Development skill and knowledge level and improve your chances of earning a place on the Course Director Training Course (CDTC) of your choice.

Dates:  14 – 18 June 2019

Venue: Intercontinental Sanya Haitang Bay Resort

128 North Haitang Rd., Haitang Bay, Sanya

Language: Mandarin Chinese

Fee:     AUD 3,327 per person

For Attendees Registration outside of China, payment must be done through Eventbrite.
The Course Director Preparatory Course focus is on practical techniques for use in Knowledge Development, Confined Water and Open Water environments, IDC lesson plan development, understanding and use of the evaluation criteria and skill development.
As an attendee you will receive mentoring on which CDTC to apply for, the application process and guidance regarding the preparation of your application.

The opportunity to turn a recreation into a profession does not come along often. As an experienced PADI Instructor you are well positioned to take advantage of that opportunity by becoming a PADI Course Director. The PADI Course Director rating is the most respected and highest professional qualification in the diving industry.

Many of today’s most successful Chinese Course Directors attended a Course Director Preparatory Seminar and credit it with making the transition from IDC Staff Instructor to Course Director much smoother and simpler.

Need to hear more? Click below to view testimonials from previous attendees.

Kaka, Course Director from Argos Diving

Dylan – Course Director from Taiwan Dive Center

What do you get from Course Director Preparatory Course?

PADI Course Directors, Instructor Examiners and Course Director Training Course staff members will be present to show you career pathways with a particular focus on becoming a PADI Course Director. The benefits of Course Director Preparatory Course includes:

  • Evaluation Skills Workshop
  • Instructor Development Course (IDC) and Instructor Continuing Education Course Preparation Workshop
  • Course Director Training Course (CDTC) Application Guidance and Assistance
  • Improve knowledge development, confined water and open water teaching skills
  • Strengthen diving skills
  • Improve rescue skills


EFR_Logo_R_Colour - Black Text

Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Course

Fee:     AUD 710 per person

For Attendees Registration outside of China, payment must be done through Eventbrite.

PADI Course Directors are the most elite, highly trained and respected instructor trainers and opinion leaders in diving. Don’t miss the Course Director Preparatory   Seminar and find out what it takes to become a Member of the world’s most highly respected group of diving educators.

Course Director Preparatory Course pre-requisites:

  • Renewed PADI IDC Staff Instructor or higher.
  • Renewed EFR Instructor

What to bring:

  • Your personal diving equipment, appropriate exposure protection, PADI Instructor Manual, PADI Course Director Manual, PADI Guide to Teaching, Confined Water and Open Water Evaluation slates, Instructor Cue Cards for all course levels.

For more information on becoming a PADI Course Director or attending the PADI Course Director Preparatory Course contact your Regional Manager or Herman Wong, Instructor Development Consultant,

Join PADI at TDEX 2019

Join us at The Thailand Dive Expo (TDEX) from Thursday 16th May to Sunday 19th May 2019 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre.

TDEX has established itself as an important marketplace for divers, equipment manufacturers, training providers and dive resorts to meet and network. TDEX organisers aim to promote and support the diving industry, promote Thailand as a tourism hub of Asia and to promote dive and adventure destinations both inside and outside Thailand.

Many other PADI Dive Centres & Resorts will be exhibiting alongside PADI at TDEX with promotions and exciting competitions on offer throughout the show. In addition, PADI will be hosting a Member Forum and three presentations at the expo.

Go Pro Presentation
When: Thursday, 16 May
Time: 2pm – 2:45pm
Where: Main Stage

PADI Member Forum
When: Friday, 17 May
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Where: MR 211-212

PADI Freediver Presentation
When: Saturday, 18 May
Time: 12pm – 12:45pm
Where: Main Stage

The PADI Difference Presentation
When: Sunday, 19 May
Time: 12pm – 12:45pm
Where: Main Stage

PADI Dive Shops at TDEX 2019

Dive Centre/ResortBooth
All 4 Diving IndonesiaD033
Ban’s Diving ResortD071
Bangkok FreediversD022
BB DiversD088
Big BubbleD097
Castaway DiversD112
Czone DiversD038
Dive IndeedD083-D085
Dive InfoD023
Dive PotatoD019-D021
Bangkok Dive SupplyS002
Dive TeamG065-G067
Grand KomodoD098
Pattana Scuba ClubD047
Rayong Dive CentreD144
Sainamtalay Dive CenterD174
Scuba JamboreeD048-D050
Scuba ProjectD060-D061
Sea MastermindA007-A009
Sea Safari CruisesD137
Wahoo Diving Center Co, LtdA001-A006
Worldwide Dive & SailD035

If you’re planning on exhibiting at TDEX or any other show or expo this year, please get in touch with your PADI Regional Manager to discuss how PADI can support you with these events.

For more information on TDEX 2019 visit or contact your PADI Regional Manager.

For other dive shows and events, see our list of 2019 PADI attended dive shows.