Emerging Indian Market Bringing New Opportunities

Written by PADI Regional Training Consultant Robert Scammell

Starting from October 2018, GoAir India have opened two direct routes to Phuket from Delhi and Mumbai. GoAir will operate three direct flights per week between Mumbai and Phuket and two direct flights between Delhi and Phuket. This opens a new gateway for travelers to and from India, as previously the only option was to connect via Bangkok. These new flights will offer consumers a lot more convenience and opportunities in their travel.

Conversely, given Phuket’s tourism and ex-pat community this also opens new gateways for those wishing to explore India itself. India already plays host to approximately 120,000 Thai tourists a year (mostly Buddhist pilgrimages) providing a fantastic opportunity for PADI Dive Centers in India to attract foreign tourism. While other destinations such as Malaysia and Bali have been enjoying direct flights from India for some time.

As Industry professionals there are great opportunities with this emerging market, as many Indian nationals are traveling to South East Asia with a specific goal to experience Scuba Diving. India already has a growing outbound tourism diving market with many Indians completing referral training in Indian cities and traveling to South East Asia to complete training. Many businesses are already enjoying Indian nationals travelling to them to further their diver education whilst also experiencing a new destination.

Forecasters are already predicting the number of Indians holidaying abroad is likely to treble 2025 and may account for 40 per cent of the international air trips from the country, according to an aviation think-tank reports. In 2016, there were 21.9 million foreign departures from India, of which 4.8 million were leisure trips. According to reports, in 2025 there will be 13.9 million international leisure departures from India, accounting for 40.3 per cent of the total projected 34.5 million international departures.

Those who travel abroad are a mere 8 per cent of the high-income group population of 55 million, which is expected to exceed 100 million people by 2025, according to the report titled ‘Inflection point for India Outbound Leisure travel’. While in 2017 Thailand had 1,411,942 Indian visitors, a growth of 18.2% from 2016. While other destinations, such as Indonesia, have enjoyed a growth of 190% since 2016. Holiday makers from tier-2 cities in India are expected to play a key role in international travel with the size of high-income and upper-middle class income households growing faster there than in metropolitan areas. The expanding middle-income segment in India will see an increase in demand for domestic and international travel, according to reports.

Research indicates that the most popular leisure destinations for Indian travelers are Dubai, Thailand, France, Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, these five destinations alone accounted for just over 50 per cent of Indian leisure arrivals overseas in 2017. These holiday spots were followed by Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Indonesia (primarily Bali), the US and Switzerland. Millennials who are more adventurous than their predecessors are generally more inclined to spend money on travel rather than save and therefore, will drive the growth in outbound tourism, according to reports. This is also likely to change travel patterns as millennials start to travel with a group of friends or even solo rather than with their large family from India.

The growing India outbound tourism market is a big opportunity for the Scuba Diving Industry, especially in Asian countries, to attract a new customer base and forge links with a rapidly expanding market. As these new Gateways open there is great chance for the PADI Dive Centers to jump on board by building connections with an already established businesses in India. Through tools such as the PADI Travel affiliate program, you will be able to start attracting new customers and see the benefits from the emerging market that is India.

For more information on this market you can contact Robert Scammell, PADI Regional Training Consultant for India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka – robert.scammell@padi.com.au.

PADI’s Pillars of Change- A Force for Good in Koh Tao, Thailand

Written by PADI Territory Director Tim Hunt 

At  PADI  we  are  committed  to  supporting  social  and  environmental  efforts  through  PADI’s Pillars of Change. It  is  something  you’ve  heard  us  talk  about  during  our  member  forums,  general updates  and Social  Media  channels  –  but  we  are  also  putting  these words  into  action.  Around  the  globe  our  field  staff  are  spreading  the  message  to  members  and  to  potential  PADI  divers,  as  our  community  continues  to  grow.  Here  is  a  quick  look  at  the  efforts  of  Regional  Manager  Neil  Richards  and  Regional  Training  Consultant  Guy  Corsellis,  who  are  both based  in  Koh  Tao,  Thailand.


Marine Animal Protection  –  As  we all  know  a  healthy  ocean  is  vital  to  humanity. Therefore, PADI is taking steps to help divers become part of a positive solution to help impact and change our oceans. Guy and his son Iggy (PADI Divemaster Candidate) took this powerful message to the children from schools in their region, Koh Tao’s International Primary School and a local Thai Public School. After giving presentations to these children about the behavior of marine animals in their local underwater habitat, they were also able to provide some eco-friendly tips. By teaching and educating the children on how important our oceans, including the species within it, they will learn and help spread our message from an early age. We hope that as the future generation, they can influence change for generations to come.


Ocean Health  – With over 200,000 identified species in the oceans and millions more to discover, protecting our marine life biodiversity is critical. PADI works closely with organisations that strive to help and protect our oceans in a multitude of ways.  As our key partner in the environment for 25 years, Project AWARE  is one such organisation that is committed to keeping the natural balance in our aquatic world.  Project AWARE’s Community Conservation Officer, Jack Fishman, visited  Thailand to spread the word on Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris Specialty Course, helping PADI dive centres engage with their community and tackle marine debris head on. He gave valuable insight into the role scuba divers play in highlighting the extent of the marine debris problem. The Project AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course was also taught to a large number of divers. PADI continues to support the education of our community into the importance of sharks and keeping marine ecosystems in equilibrium.


Healing and Wellness  – Becoming a diver is a life changing experience for a lot of people. It can drive career changes and provide transformations both mentally and physically. PADI’s Adaptive Techniques Specialty Course is a great example of this. It is a fantastic way for people to overcome adversity, illness or disability. Neil Richards and Guy Corsellis taught the specialty to the PADI Course Directors on Koh Tao to get them all motivated to support the transformation this speciality can bring. In a truly inspiring session, the PADI Course Directors showed great camaraderie as they worked together to develop different techniques to teaching. A course that was a real opener to some seasoned PADI professionals, will now become crucial to not only providing new divers the ability to fulfill their dreams, but also to inspire others along the way.


People + Community  – Very few people give more to a community than its emergency teams, ready  to help in an instant and putting others needs ahead of their own. Neil and Guy decided to give a little back when they took some of the nurses from Koh Tao’s newly opened hospital out for some fun under the water, as part of PADI Women’s Dive Day. The six nurses were introduced to a whole new world during a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Introductory Experience. By supporting the training of local people to foster sustainability, PADI continues to educate and support local communities to cultivate the protection mindset necessary for ocean health and marine animal protection.


For more information about the PADI Pillars of Change, please visit our website here.


Congratulations to PADI Members in Asia Pacific

CongratsPADI Asia Pacific is pleased to congratulate the PADI Members who in 2014, certified more PADI Divers in the Asia Pacific Region than any year in PADI’s 49 year history.

PADI Individual and Retail & Resort Memberships also surpassed all previous records. The great result in 2014 builds on previous record years set in 2010, 2011 2012 & 2013 and shows that PADI Members are going from strength to strength in today’s dive industry.

Henrik Nimb, PADI Asia Pacific’s Vice President of Training, Customer Service & Business Development said; “This is a fantastic achievement by PADI Members in Asia Pacific. Congratulations to all PADI Members, who have once again achieved this outstanding milestone through hard work and commitment”.

As PADI continues its growth and progression within the industry, we look forward to working alongside PADI Members in 2015 and further build upon and strengthen the PADI Value Proposition for PADI Members.


New Benefits for your PADI Master Scuba Diver students

New-Benefits-MSD-DiversPADI Diving Society Members who hold the PADI Master Scuba Diver Rating now have exclusive access to additional benefits from participating PADI Dive Centres and Resorts.

As a PADI Member submit your offer today by visiting the PADI Diving Society Member Benefits Portal.

This additional benefit will assist you in promoting the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating to your students in 2014 and beyond. If you have any questions about the Master Scuba Diver offers or the PADI Diving Society please contact padidivingsociety@padi.com.au.

PADI Diving Society’s Ocean Safari: Dumaguete, Philippines

PADI Diving Society Members picked up their passports in February and headed to the Philippines for a week of diving adventures. Dauin, Dumaguete with its warm water, white sandy beaches as well as diverse culture and history, was the backdrop for this year’s first Ocean Safari. PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, Atlantis Dive Resort hosted of the event held from the 15th until the 22nd of last month, which boasted fantastic attendance from Society Members as well as staff from PADI America’s.

Staff from PADI America's Diving Society  From left to right: Budd Riker, Niccole Sherman, Adrianne Miller, Theresa Kaplan.

Staff from PADI America’s Diving Society. From left to right:
Budd Riker, Niccole Sherman, Adrianne Miller, Theresa Kaplan.


A cocktail party kicked off the society event, which was followed by seven days of diving. Society Members were treated with 5 dives a day, including night dives, in order to take full advantage of the fantastic diving on offer in the Philippines. Negros Island proved a highlight where more than 400 species of coral are found. Atlantis took members to the many dive sites around Apo Island, Dauin Marine Sanctuary and Siquijor. The archipelago is renowned for its active fish life, more than 3000 species can be found here, providing society members with ample to see and discover. Surface intervals were spent exploring the coastline by Kayak, taking a dip in the Casaroro waterfalls and enjoying great food at Atlantis’ world renowned restaurant, Toko’s.

Atlantis’s dive team were a great support throughout the event, helping make every Society Members diving experience unforgettable. The beach BBQ and farewell reception let divers unwind from the week’s events and provided an opportunity for Society Members to mingle and reminisce with their new found dive buddies.

With more than 7000 islands, the Philippines offers up a lot in great diving. More information about diving in Dumaguete as well as the other countless diving hubs in the Philippines, Cebu, Palawan, Bohol and Subic Bay, can be found on the Vacation Spotlight feature on padi.com.

PADI Diving Society events are a great way to showcase the diving on offer in your region and promote your dive shop to a global audience. The diving society keeps divers diving actively, frequently and all over the world. It encourages divers to purchase equipment, continue their dive education and live the scuba diver lifestyle with their PADI Diver Center or Resort. Visit the PADI Diving Society Online Member Benefits portal on sportdiver.com to add your latest Diving Society incentive today.

Take advantage of Official PADI Diving Society Patron Benefits

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