Using Facebook Insights to Maximise Your Facebook Exposure

Recently Facebook has made a number of updates, but for those using Facebook as a business tool, one sticks out.

Facebook Insights;

Have you ever used the insights tab on your Facebook business page? If the answer is no then now is the time to start taking it serious as a powerful tool to help maximise your business profile on Facebook.

facebook insights

You will then be asked to click on a large green button that asks if you want to try new insights now. Once in the new Facebook Page insights, take a moment to go through the tour that helps explain Insights.

Maximum exposure;

Why a Facebook business page?  Simple, to increase your business and create a relationship with your customers past, present and future. Every time you post as your Facebook business page you are trying to get that particular post to as many fans as possible. The more people who see it the more exposure you get.

Do you just post an update when you have time? Have you ever considered when your users are online? Every time you post to your page you want as many people as possible to see the post. This is where the new insights becomes a powerful tool you can use to maximise your post exposure.

Once you have new Insights on your account click on “Posts”, then on “When Your Fans Are Online”

facebook insights 2

This then gives you an overview of when your pages fans are online. You will be able to see a break down for each day of the week and also over a 24hr period. An example is given below for a particular page. In this case Wednesdays at 17:00 would ensure a post would get maximum exposure to fans.

facebook insights 3

From experience it seems late afternoon till late evening are the prime times across a number of countries, 17:00 – 21:00 seem to be prime Facebook times. Make sure you check yours, see when the best time is and use this to your advantage!

Don’t worry if it’s late at night or out of business hours, you can use the schedule post function in Facebook quickly and easily. Just click on the clock symbol on the bottom left of the status update box and add the time you require.

facebook insights 5

Linking your Facebook account with Twitter

Have you ever considered auto feeding your Facebook posts to Twitter? This means that whenever you post on Facebook, that message will automatically display on you Twitter page as well. The benefits are that you increase you audience and save time posting across both mediums.

To have your Facebook posts fed to Twitter, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Open a second browser
  3. Login to you Twitter account
  4. Click on this link and be sure to check that Facebook is going to link to the Twitter account that you desire.
  5. You now have the option of selecting what type of Facebook posts display on Twitter (e.g. status updates, photos, video links, notes and events).
  6. Last, click on the button ‘Link to Twitter’.

Your Facebook page will now be linked to Twitter.

For more information on this process click on the Big Fin article here:

How can you achieve greater reach on Facebook for your dive shop?

This very useful Mashable article details five tips that will help maximize your brands Facebook reach. Ultimately, Facebook wants people engaging with content and therefore those who post the best content on a regular basis will achieve greatest reach. This article highlights three important factors that determines the most screen worthy content on the Facebook newsfeed: affinity, weight and time.  Affinity refers to how a fan has engaged with your brand in the past. Weight refers to the number of likes and comments a post receives. Lastly, as time passes, content ages and the total engagement of a post declines.

Mashable suggest five ways to help expand your brand’s reach on Facebook:

  1. Know your audience
    Have an understanding of what your fans like and what will generate the most engagement.
  2. Practice brevity, be topical and don’t play hard to get
    Studies show that lengthy Facebook posts go unread, so keep your posts succinct.
  3. Mind your content
    Quality content is very important. Eye catching photos, topical content and posts that ask questions are great ways to engage with your fans.
  4. Engage the engagement
    By interacting with those who have liked a post or left comments your are ensuring the popularity of a post is prolonged. In addition, fans will be appreciative that your are listening!
  5.  Turn your fan’s friends into fans.
    By keeping your fans engaging with your Facebook page, their friends will also see this in their news feed.  Another strategy is to use Facebook ads to specifically targets friends of your fans.

By using these guidelines you can better disseminate your content and maximise your brands Facebook reach.

You can read the full Mashable article by clicking below