Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest (IWUPC) 2013

PADI is proud to support the Indonesia World Underwater Photo Contest  2013, the largest and most prestigious underwater photo contest ever to be held in Indonesia by The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia. 

Taking place from January to November 2013, the IWUPC 2013 is the first photo contest to be held nationwide in Indonesia and is open to entrants of all skill levels.   

Contestants will submit their entries through “Participating Dive Operators” and all Dive Operators in Indonesia are invited to become a PDO.  Registration of Participating Dive Operators is required –  please see PDO Rules and Regulations.  

To enter the contest – which is free of charge – divers must dive with a Participating Dive Operator (PDO).  You can choose the PDO based on the area where you want to dive. To choose the area, please use the search area on Participating Dive Operator page.  

With 6 Underwater Categories and 1 Conservation Category, the contest also invites entries from non-divers and Junior divers under the age of 15 years. All images submitted must be taken in Indonesia between 01 January and 30 November 2013. 

To view detailed Rules and Regulations for entry – please visit the  IWUPC website  

PADI encourages all divers to enter IWUPC 2013.  Have fun with your photos and happy snapping – we wish you all the very best of success!

1,000 Kids One Resolution for the New Year

On 29th December 2012, Ocean Geographic Society is calling upon 1,000 children aged 7 – 15, to convene at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore to make an important New Year resolution: Save sharks from extinction.  

Together with international and local celebrities, luminaries and politicians, 1,000 children will take the “I am the future, I will not eat shark fins” pledge in Singapore. The unanimity of this message by children from this ‘hot zone’ of shark fin consumption will echo loud and clear through national and international media.  

Over 73 million sharks are culled each year for the shark fin trade and other shark-related products. This is unsustainable. Some sharks are already regionally extinct in the waters of South East Asia. Sharks are the cheetahs and lions of the ocean; without them, the ocean will eventually collapse.  

Singapore is one of the biggest consumers of shark fins in Asia. As the regional centre for the shark fin trade, this project accentuates the solidarity of Singapore children, adults, and non-government organisations in one message, “I am the future, I will not eat shark fins”.  

Our children are our hope for healthier oceans. This is a definitive campaign for children to inspire the public in Singapore and the communities all over Asia to protect these sentinel animals from extinction.  

Children’s Art Competition to Save Sharks – Call for Entries  

In conjunction with the 1000 Kids’ One Message event, entries are invited for the 2012 Celebrate the Sea’s Children’s Art competition.  

Children aged between 7 – 15 have until 28th October 2012 to enter this international competition (now in its 11th year). Participants will be required to submit a painting on an A3 sized art paper – the painting should promote a greater affection for sharks. Children are encouraged to promote new ideas on how to give sharks a friendlier image. Why are sharks important?  What if our oceans are without sharks? 

The top fifty finalists from the first round will be invited to participate in the finals on 29th December 2012 at Resorts World Sentosa. The winning piece will be turned into a special edition poster to promote conservation of sharks in Singapore. 

The Grand Prize for the Final round will be awarded to the overall winner who will be named Children’s Artist of the Sea. The winner will receive a trophy and S$880 contribution to an education fund.  

To enter the art competition, please register at   

To register your child for 1000 Kids’ One Message event, please visit the website at

*The 1000 Kids’ One Message project only seeks support from like-minded corporations with robust CSR values in technology, education and conservation. If you would like to support this project, please contact –   The 1000 Kids’ One Message event is part of the NO SHARK FINS SINGAPORE 2013 campaign.  

PADI Member Renewals: Free Project AWARE manta mask strap with your AU$25 donation

Manta rays, a species close to the heart of every diver are at risk of extinction. The time is now. If you are a renewing PADI Member (Divemaster, Instructor and above), then you can make an urgent donation with your PADI Member Renewal to protect mantas globally.

All gifts of AU$25 or more received during PADI Member Renewals receive a new AWARE manta mask strap. There’s 4 ways for PADI Members to make a gift:

1)      You can choose to donate when you set up your Automatic Renewal

2)      If your Auto Renewal is already set up simply email your PADI Team to add the donation for you

3)      Choose the donate option when you complete your renewal online

4)      Complete the PADI Member Renewal 2013 Form which includes info about the special offer.

FACTYour support has already helped Project AWARE and our conservation partners succeed in safeguarding the globally threatened giant manta ray and its key habitats under the Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).

FACT: Manta ray catch has nearly quadrupled in seven years according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). 

Project AWARE relies on you – the PADI Member – to help raise critical funds and take action for ocean protection. We’re working at every turn to ensure that mantas will not disappear on our watch.

New for 2013! The Project AWARE Manta Ray Card


Don’t forget to replace your PADI Certification Card with Project AWARE’s new Manta Ray Card. Show your student divers you’re mad about manta rays in 2013.

SYDNEY DIVE ACADEMY – achieving new depths as a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre


It was a big day in January 2011, and a big deal for all of us at Sydney Dive Academy when we decided to leave our diver certification agency after 25 years and convert our Matraville dive centre to PADI..and we’ve never looked back.

We could see a change in the market, with the majority of recreational divers and professionals flowing into the PADI worldwide community and in late 2010 we began discussions with John O’Brien (Director, Customer Service & PADI Retail and Resort Associations) about the benefits of aligning ourselves with PADI.

The rewards of our new business buddy became instantly apparent; any challenges we faced in converting to a new set of standards were quickly identified and remedied by PADI’s exemplary support team. PADI’s core values of community, support and service echo throughout the worldwide organisation; from the marketing initiatives and leading-edge digital strategy to the outstanding assistance and support of allied retail and resort operations PADI’s commitment to their partners and Pros is second to none.

Since the PADI logo appeared above our shopfront in 2011 our certification levels have increased by 400% and customers enter our store daily, specifically enquiring about becoming PADI-certified divers. Our students wear their certifications with pride and enthusiastically declare their allegiance to Sydney Dive Academy, and PADI Worldwide. Organising and executing club dives and events is no longer a struggle; our club has grown exponentially and we enjoy dives every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as a team with Open Water to Instructors buddy-checking and descending side-by-side. Booking out weeks in advance our recent domestic and international diving holidays have seen us relish in the balmy waters of the Barrier Reef with Mike Ball, explore the inside of Vanuatu’s SS President Coolidge and delight in the playful antics of Wollongong’s baby fur seals.

Australia’s dive centres encompassed and nurtured by PADI welcomed us with open arms. Peter Letts from Abyss Scuba Diving spent a full day training us on the EVE dive centre software system and the boys at Frog Dive continue to support and encourage us, whatever the endeavour! We feel lucky to be a part of such a proactive and passionate community.

Thanks to PADI’s clever creative marketing department we have a beautifully designed new logo and as we are now in the process of becoming a 5 Star IDC Centre our signage and shop fit-out sports a stunning host of new stickers, signs and decals, courtesy of PADI.

In less than 18 months we have successfully converted our entire staff to PADI and proudly have instructors for each and every diving specialty, including a PADI IDC staff instructor. The crossover process was seamless thanks to PADI’s assistance and professionalism. The PADI team respected the experience and abilities of our instructors and treated us as esteemed colleagues.

John O’Brien (PADI Asia Pacific’s Director, Customer Service & PADI Retail and Resort Associations) added,

The PADI Asia Pacific team congratulates Sydney Dive Academy on their successful transition to the PADI system over the last 18 months.  The SDA team were open to the benefits of PADI and wholeheartedly welcomed the PADI staff and philosophies into their operation.  We’re very pleased that that their move to PADI was as successful as we’d envisioned.  It’s great to have them onboard as PADI Members and we’re looking forward to assisting SDA with their future business growth.  Their focus on PADI Specialty and Technical Diving programs is fantastic, as PADI is seeing more interest in these higher level programs along with the need for PADI Instructors with the relevant teaching qualifications.”

Visit Peter, Jamie and the team at Sydney Dive Academy at 462 Bunnerong Road, Matraville NSW 2036.  Telephone: 02-9311-0708 or Email    Visit their website at

Tweet them at

Like Sydney Dive Academy at


PADI Members in Indonesia setting new records

After a record year for diver certifications in 2011, PADI Members in Indonesia are setting new records for PADI diver certifications again in 2012. At the end of October 2012, PADI Members have certified more PADI students in Indonesia than any year in PADI history. PADI congratulates all of our Members in Indonesia on the great job you are doing teaching the world how to dive.

If you haven’t set up your store profile, it only takes a few minutes.  Add your logo, links and About Us info via the PADI Pro’s Site, then click through from the ScubaEarth icon on the home page to see ScubaEarth in action. For complete instructions, see our previous posts.

If something hasn’t been working for you, these troubleshoot tips below will help!

ScubaEarth Profile Trouble Shooting

If you’ve set up your account and something isn’t working right, please read on for some hints, tips and suggestions:

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For example: if we were to paste in the entire web address below – the link won’t work. Only the part highlighted in yellow should be input to the PADI Pro’s Site.

Some businesses may have a “vanity” Facebook link (see example below).

In this example, only the text jacksdivinglocker should be input to the PADI Pro’s Site. The site will automatically add in 

ScubaEarth Blog link isn’t working

Here are correctly-formatted examples for a ScubaEarth blog feed using Blogger and WordPress (the two most popular platforms). Copy and paste the appropriate link into the Pro’s Site – substituting your blog’s name for blogname.



The About Us section

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Problem: black diamonds with question marks


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OKAY: Joe ‘s Diving Locker
NOT OKAY: Joe’s Diving Locker

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OKAY: ” free”
NOT OKAY: “free”

Problem: About Us paragraph gets cut off

For example:
Joe ‘s Diving Locker offers scuba & snorkel tours year-round. Visit our website, or call us to book your adventure today.

Displays on ScubaEarth like this:
Joe ‘s Diving Locker offers scuba

Solution: remove any “and” signs (aka ampersands) from your text. Anything following that special character won’t show up. For example:

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Project AWARE’s Feature Member of the Month – Two Fish Divers

Project AWARE’s Feature Member of the Month – Two Fish Divers

Congratulations to Two Fish Divers who are recognized this month as a @Project AWARE Foundation Feature Member. 3 locations, 9 Dive Against Debris events and a whole load of rubbish.

My Ocean is a global movement for ocean protection and is people-powered. My Ocean community members seek to connect and scale up local actions for change.

Two Fish Divers is owned and run by Tina & Nigel, an English couple who are BSAC & PADI Instructors, and they have been living and diving in the area since 1999.

Thank you to everyone who has been active on My Ocean and thanks for supporting Project AWARE.