Ocean Action Project – Finalist 1

Over the next five days we will be featuring the five finalists from South East Asia. You can only vote once so make sure you check out all the finalists before voting; https://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/224907/voteable_entries 

The first featured finalist from our region is the entry: Koh Tao Marine Debris Master Plan, Thailand.

Save Koh Tao Group


What’s the Ocean Action about?   Litter and improper disposal of rubbish is a major problem throughout Asia, and one that the residents on Koh Tao have been trying to tackle over the years. The Thai community has worked hard to re-manage the way waste is dealt. But these methods only treat the symptoms; we must also attack the source of the problem.
As a way to protect the island they love, and give back to the local community, this project will kick-start a series of collection programs to attack the marine debris issue from all sides. The Koh Tao Debris Master Plan will focus on four areas: (1) Beach and Road Bin Installation (2) Daily/weekly island clean-up crew (3) Anti-plastic and foam box Campaign (4) Signage on beaches and roads. The results will see a reduction in litter and debris on the reefs and beaches plus empower the community and local businesses to be part of the solution.

Ocean Action Project

Brace for impact! Our eco partner Project AWARE Foundation is powering ocean heroes into action. But you hold the power to put their project in motion. Does their Ocean Action Project stand up to the competition? You be the judge. Cast your vote by 1st September 2012. http://bit.ly/OOtm1f

This is a great opportunity for PADI professionals to get involved and ensure projects in your region are well supported.

Ocean Action Project

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PADI Diving Society

PADI Asia Pacific and Bonnier Corporation are pleased to take the first step toward a true global PADI Diving Society with the expansion of Sport Diver magazine into the Asia Pacific region. Published by Bonnier Corporation, Sport Diver has been the official publication of the PADI Diving Society in the PADI Americas region since 1999. The PADI Diving Society strives to encourage scuba divers to make the most of their dive lifestyle by promoting underwater exploration, continuing education, the latest gear advancements and aquatic environmental advocacy. At the hub of the PADI Diving Society are PADI Dive Centres and Resorts, which are positioned as the ultimate fulfilment centres for all scuba diving needs. Read the full article here.