Linking your Twitter to Facebook

In this article we take a quick look at how you can make life easier for yourself. Reluctant Twitter using Dive Centres often worry about having to generate content for their Facebook page and for Twitter. Posting to both takes up more time then posting to one. Linking your Facebook page to your Twitter account is a simple process that means you only have to post once.

That’s right, once you have your two accounts linked, every time you post to your Facebook page it automatically gets Tweeted. One update, one lot of work and its posted on two networks. Simple and time saving. Here’s how:

1. Open your browser of choice, log into Facebook and in another tab log into Twitter.

2. While logged in to Facebook go to this URL

3. You will now have a screen which shows your personal Facebook profile first and then a list of your pages under the heading “Link your pages to twitter”

Link facebook to twitter

 Click on the grey Link to Twitter button on the right of the screen.

4. Next you will have the Twitter Authorisation screen:


Here you need to check that you are connecting to the right Twitter account. This is displayed in the top right of the screen. Once you are happy to authorise, then click the blue button. If you didn’t logon to Twitter in step 1 then now you will be asked to logon to your twitter account as part of the authorisation screen.

5. Congratulations your Facebook Page is now linked to you Twitter account. One final step is to select which types of Facebook update you wish to post.

Linked to twitter

You can return back to at anytime to change these settings or unlink the accounts.

Finally you post on twitter will look a bit like this with a short link to your Facebook page and the first part of the text from the post.

Facebook post on twitter

We hope you found this a simple and useful tool to help you with your social media.

Using Twitter for Business

A lot of dive centre owners ask if they should be on twitter. Many people often say that they don’t like/get/understand/have time for Twitter. The truth is simple.  Twitter can be used as a business tool and you should be using it if you want to grow your business. You probably don’t like doing your stock take but you still need to do it.

Now if you’ve read this far then I’m guessing you are interested in growing your business. Well then lets talk Twitter.

Twitter was founded in 2006 as a type of text message service and soon developed from there. In essence, Twitter is made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. Nowadays you can do a lot more then just simple text.

Twitter has 554,750,000 active users and around 135,000 new sign ups per day. There has even been talk recently of Generation Z (your future customers and new divers) moving away from Facebook and onto Twitter.

So what are the benefits for Businesses?

Well as you can already see, Twitter has a large audience right there for you. So why not use it? You’ll probably find a number of your existing customers are already on Twitter.

Here are 5 reasons why you a dive centre should be on Twitter.

1. Links and SEO – Search Engine Optimisation of your website and blog. Get your links out there in the simplest terms, the more links back to your site the better for the page rank. Okay, it can be a lot more complicated then that. But put it simply, get your latest blog or offer out there. Google loves fresh content and social sites like twitter provide this.

2. Customer Service – Its a great way to deal with quick customer enquiries or complaints. Instead of customers and staff spending time on phone or email, a quick tweet can solve issues with a lot less hassle. Good customer service will also be seen, which I think is value in itself for setting your business apart from others.

3. Networking – Yes that’s right, its a social network after all. You’d be surprised how this can be beneficial. Stay in touch with people you know and who are interested in your dive centre.

4. Engage potential Customers and Check out the Competition – Todays customer is a different animal, I’m sure you all know that especially the younger generations. Twitter gives potential customers a chance to scope you out without having to come in store or phone. You’d be amazed at how many Non-divers are put off by those two. Checking up on your competition is pretty straight forward and should also be done on the other social media platforms. Its always good to know what the centre down the road is doing!

5. Increase Sales – Thats right, if you can bring all these points together then you can increase your sales!

Twitter for your business can be as successful as you want to make it, from the simple just having a presence and posting your links to really engaging in the conversation and targeting new opportunities.

Don’t forget once you have a twitter presence you nee to promote it also, so let your Facebook fans know, add it to your newsletter and put it on your website.

For the complete Twitter novice check out

You can sign up for Twitter here

Linking your Facebook account with Twitter

Have you ever considered auto feeding your Facebook posts to Twitter? This means that whenever you post on Facebook, that message will automatically display on you Twitter page as well. The benefits are that you increase you audience and save time posting across both mediums.

To have your Facebook posts fed to Twitter, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Open a second browser
  3. Login to you Twitter account
  4. Click on this link and be sure to check that Facebook is going to link to the Twitter account that you desire.
  5. You now have the option of selecting what type of Facebook posts display on Twitter (e.g. status updates, photos, video links, notes and events).
  6. Last, click on the button ‘Link to Twitter’.

Your Facebook page will now be linked to Twitter.

For more information on this process click on the Big Fin article here: